The British Judicial System Needs Block Chain to Realize Reform

nnnA recent analysis of the UK shows that the judicial system is very old and inefficient and needs to be changed through new technologies. This change in the system to improve efficiency and digital as the focus, so the role of block in which the chain is very significant. Facts have proved that many governments around the world have studied the technology, hoping to apply it to government, save costs and improve the accuracy and transparency of the work.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA recent analysis shows that the British judicial system is “very old and based on paper documents.” These problems have led to inefficiencies in their services, poor planning and even greater difficulties in the organization. According to reports, only half of the trial can be carried out in accordance with the planned time.n
nThe report was completed by the CGI and the Police Foundation, noting that the current system in the UK was flawed and ineffective, with the judicial system facing more difficulties due to budget cuts. However, viable solutions can be identified by improving the efficiency and digitization of the system itself, including the implementation of block-chain technology.n
nNeed block chainn
nThe report says:n
nn”Increased use of automation can improve the speed and quality of tasks, such as auditing information, and may address future subjective bias, such as judicial decision-making, etc. Block-chain technology can provide a special opportunity, through security, auditable Of distributed records to improve accuracy and transparency. “n
nnIn general, the advantages of block-chain technology provide a way to effectively control and maintain records, as well as cost-effective solutions, and other countries are also researching block-chain technology.n

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