The British police organization wants to change the law to facilitate the seizure of Bitcoin

nnnThe N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 Policing Research Partnership) recently released a report on encrypted currency, pointing out that British law enforcement agencies have faced difficulties in the face of illegal use of digital money such as Bitcoin. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to carry out relevant education for the British police, and it is advisable to carry out legislative amendments to facilitate the seizure of the bit currency used by the lawless elements in accordance with the law.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA research organization supported by a number of UK law enforcement agencies suggested that national law be amended to make it easier to seize Bitcoin.n
nThe N8 Policing Research Partnership recently released a report outlining the encryption currency and its challenges for law enforcement agencies. However, according to the authors of the report, these challenges were mainly caused by the lack of systematic knowledge by British police officers.n
nThe report also outlines how to address this issue, recommending extensive training programs and extensive deployment of traceability software for investigators.n
nPerhaps the most noteworthy is that the investigation team hopes that the UK Home Office, which oversees British law enforcement agencies, can consider classifying the bit currency as a cash so that the police can more easily seize the bit currency during the investigation Then
nThe report states:n
nn”We propose to the Ministry of the Interior legislative amendments to classify the currency as cash in order to seize it legally.”n
nnN8’s website includes 11 North American and its surrounding police organizations, which indicate how the police have been in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Crime Recovery Act Proceeds of Crime Act).n
nIt remains to be seen whether the Ministry of the Interior will accept this proposal. However, the department has begun to investigate the block chain technology. It launched a wide range of research work in 2015, calling for the creation of a government-backed new encrypted currency.n

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