The Brooklyn Microgrid project uses block-chain technology to share solar power

nnnIn the Brooklyn LO3 company to solve the world’s climate issues of sustainable energy technology and transformative block-chain technology, in Brooklyn launched micro-grid project, so that residents here to use the block chain sales of roof solar panels extra power Then
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nFuture power gridn
nSustainable energy and block chains are two worthy gambling. The former is the most effective way to overcome global climate problems; the latter’s potential to change financial and social structures remains to be explored. So why combine? Brooklyn LO3 is like this, and launched a related project to create a new type of energy retail model.n
nRecall the LO3 Sasha Santiago for the first time introducing this idea, Brooklyn residents Michael Guerra said, “That is shared economy, it is Airbnb, is an excellent step, is the 21st century.” In 2012, Guerra installed 24 roof solar panels. Now in addition to the summer to provide cheaper and more environmentally friendly air conditioning power, but also to the neighbors to provide electricity and get a return.n
nBrooklyn Microgrid operates an energy-sharing ecosystem that consumers maintain directly. These solar panels sell environmentally friendly points to residents through mobile applications. The use of block chain to achieve the set, the block chain is a bit of currency and other encryption technology, and more and more popular.n
nTo the center of the powern
nThe de-centralization of the digitized information books of the block chain makes the transaction safe. Block chains enable meters to communicate with each other reliably, and mobile phone applications give microgrid consumers the right to control transactions.n
nLO4 business development director Scott Kessler said,n
nn”Our idea is that not only is the rich people selling electricity on the solar panels, but the whole community.If you do not have high income, you need the cheapest electricity, we can still provide. We do not want to monopolize.”n
nnAfter the trial operation, LO3 plans to launch a micro-grid at the end of the year. More than 300 small businesses and families have expressed their willingness to participate. Brooklyn already has 50 power plants, mostly solar panels and small wind turbines. Guerra said, “I know after thinking that this is absolutely going to happen and can not fail.”n
nThis is a good case for the block chain to become useful technology, beyond the encrypted currency. There have been projects for the sectoral chain medical record file system, as well as international remittances, including the basic income model, and even the United Nations financial assistance program. Some people even put the block chain as the basis of a new Internet, a really decent and free internet.n
nDuke University (Duke University) economist Campbell Harvey said that the Brooklyn micro-grid is “a glimpse of the future”n
nn”The idea of ​​the block chain is done in a point-to-point manner, and the microgrids allow people to trade solar energy with each other without a centric intermediary.”n

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