The bubble finally drained on bitcoin – retreat

Bitcoin collapsed into a year before most people may not believe. Even in May this year, the price of $9000 would still allow investors in droves. Yet in 2018 now, bitcoin prices have fallen further, it is like a red net Internet Co, it is inseparable from the bubble burst.

The end of the bitcoin bubble retreat out (pictures from

And a piece of the “history of the strongest retail” similar, there is reason to believe that people will choose in December 17, 2017 that day at a price of $19891.99 to buy bitcoin. These people would expect a milepost bitcoin less than 2 million dollars a price. They can not imagine, bitcoin prices are now only less than 1/5 of the original, only $4239.73.

Most of the investors block chain may be difficult to think of that day. We still have a digital currency but has been a superb collection of beautiful things, bitcoin is one of the most reliable one. When the other digital currency when faced with zero tide, bitcoin is still the most strong.

Unfortunately, in the past month, bitcoin finally caved, 30% decline also make the most of the investors feel desperate. However, analysts are pessimistic, they think bitcoin prices even fell to $1500. Obviously, if analysts say true, then most of the investors will face a ruinous situation.

The bitcoin will be so severe collapse, reason is from bitcoin cash hard branch. Last August, a bitcoin holders launched a split plan, the bitcoin cash came into being. At first the bitcoin does not have too much volatility, but there is a certain decline.

But in the last week, bitcoin cash again hard branch. Bitcoin holders worried that something similar might spread to the bitcoin body, coupled with a Craig Steven split Wright expression may sell bitcoin may, eventually resulting in a large number of bitcoin is panic selling, the price of natural diving.

The end of the bitcoin bubble retreat out (pictures from

Crypto currency bubble retreat, it is not surprising that some smart investors eyes. In May of this year, Bill Gate and Warren Buffett, two of the world’s billionaires are stated for bitcoin look bad. Buffett believes that bitcoin does not give the market what create value, and will bitcoin as “rat poison”. Bill Gate’s position became more severe, he even said that if the opportunity might be short of bitcoin.

At the same time, regulators think bitcoin attitude also let investors are not optimistic. Due to the sharp fall in the near future, the United States Department of justice has been involved in the investigation, hoping to study out years bitcoin record whether rising market manipulation conditions exist. Not only is the Justice Department, the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the first civil penalties for encryption currency founder, which is part of the industry wide abuse of the regulatory and legal blow.

Bitcoin situation, like some of the domestic Internet companies. When the barbaric growth in the entire industry, attracting a large number of hot money investment, but also the entire market to a hitherto unknown bubble under the carnival. When the industry has some problems, the water is drained quickly. The difference is that, in addition to Internet enterprise bankruptcy, but also actively contact the main gold sale, but this digital currency investment is a problem, not to restore the possibility of basically.

The end of the bitcoin bubble retreat out (pictures from

Bitcoin market needs a real miracle, the current decline is not just a technical adjustment “that simple. Thankfully, the last six months time, people began to put more attention to the real block chain technology from digital currency. Bitcoin can wind comeback? We have to wait and see.

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