The central bank digital money research institute officially listed

nComprehensive number of domestic media news, the central bank digital currency research institute in Beijing Deshengmen near an international building officially listed. It is understood that the building is mainly in the banknote company’s many subsidiaries. The central bank’s digital money research institute is located on the 9th floor of the building and is in the same layer as the Banknote Identification Center.n

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nAccording to the information released by the central bank, the Digital Monetary Research Institute is the central bank’s specialized research institutions that specialize in digital currency technology and applications. The former deputy director of the People’s Bank of Science and Technology, Yao Qian served as director of the Institute of digital money, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology by the former deputy director of the Department of cadres, Silk Road Fund Information Technology Director Di Gang. The Institute will have seven departments with different divisions.n
nThe People’s Bank of China has always taken a supportive attitude towards digital money and block chain technology and has been actively engaged in research work. As early as the beginning of 2014, the central bank formed an expert research team to discuss the required regulatory framework or national digital currency.n
nIn 2016, the State Council will block the chain into the “thirteen five” plan, strengthen the strategic cutting-edge technology ahead of the layout. In this year, the central bank’s digital currency research work has made significant progress. January 20, at the central bank held a digital currency seminar, the first public offering of digital currency targets. In July, the central bank launched a digital bill trading platform based on the block chain and digital currency, and decided to use the digital bill trading platform as a pilot application of the legal digital currency and to verify the block chain technology with the digital bill trading platform.n
nIn 2017, the People’s Bank of China successfully tested the digital ticket trading platform based on the block chain. In June this year, the People’s Bank of China issued the “China Financial Industry Information Technology” thirteen five “development plan”, clearly put forward the “thirteen” financial industry information technology work guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, Safety precautions. Among them, actively promote the block chain, artificial intelligence and other new technology application research has been listed as a key task.n
nCentral Bank Vice President Fan Yifei that the central bank to promote the issuance of statutory digital currency is inevitable. The central bank’s digital currency to the national credit to ensure that the maximum range of online and offline synchronization applications, to maximize the transaction convenience and security.n
nOver the past two years, the world’s central banks and other financial regulators are gradually strengthening the field of digital money research. Britain, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Japan and other countries have said the central bank will be the legal system of digital currency design and key technology to explore the study.n
nThe central bank held a digital currency seminar held in China under the current economic normal, to explore the central bank issued a digital currency has a positive practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. The issuance of digital money can reduce the high cost of traditional paper issuance and circulation, enhance the convenience and transparency of economic transactions, reduce money laundering and evasion of tax evasion, and enhance the central bank’s control over money supply and currency circulation. Economic and social development, to help the full realization of Pratt u0026 Whitney Finance. The future, the establishment of digital currency, circulation system also helps China to build a new financial infrastructure, and further improve our payment system, improve the efficiency of payment and settlement, and promote economic upgrading and upgrading.n

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