The Central Party school Chen Jianqi: the biggest factor affecting the price of bitcoin bitcoin is hard bifurcation

Bianews November 21st news, according to Tencent financial news today, the Central Party School professor Chen Jianqi in the Tencent issued a “financial bitcoin prices plummeted: do not tamper with the characteristic is not completely shaken to the center”, which refers to the recent sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin from important recent changes, the influence factors of the price of bitcoin is the biggest hard bifurcation of bitcoin.

Chen Jianqi said, hard to tell the world bifurcation practice, bitcoin is not entirely to the center of the effect of bitcoin will still be subject to the relevant social groups, which greatly weakened the bitcoin advantage, which can not be tampered with bitcoin to the center of the property suffered challenges, lack of government credit endorsement bitcoin reputation cannot guarantee bitcoin, the advantages will gradually weaken.

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