The CFTC publishes web resources for bitcoin investors

nStorms Commentary: Chicago Board of Trade listed bitcoin futures products A few days before the CFTC revealed a new encrypted monetary resources website to introduce these fully digital products. And said that financial technology has the potential to significantly affect or even change the CFTC regulatory market and the agency itself, and the recent fiery crypto-currency dynamics fall into this category.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The top derivatives regulator in the United States created a new crypto-currency information portal just days before major Bitcoin futures were released.n
The CFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, revealed a new cryptocurrency website to introduce these fully digitized products. The website links a series of CFTC announcements, including the preliminary reading of the LabCFTC unit in October and the release of futures products by the Chicago Board of Trade and CME Group.n
Website wrote:n
n”Financial technology has the potential to dramatically affect or even change the CFTC regulatory market and the agency itself, and the recent market developments that have driven the heat are the rise in virtual currencies, especially bitcoin.”n
nThis information portal was released on Friday, on the same day as the “Send” definition proposal in the context of the CFTC’s publication of cryptocurrency assets. The agency has since commencing a 90-day proposed comment period to seek public feedback on this issue that has caused criticism and regulatory solutions to the probe.n
This release may represent bitcoin standardization within the organization, such as Bitcoin in 2015 as a commodity. In fact, the CFTC chairman said earlier this month that bitcoin is an unusual commodity by institutional standards.n
After speaking to SEC President Jay Clayton last week, the CFTC Chairman said:n
n”I keep saying that the virtual currency is not like any of the products the CFTC has dealt with in the past and I know they also pose a challenge to the SEC.”n

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