The chain chain in the trailer service market

nnnCommentary: CarTaxi is a former ICO project that provides a trailer service platform that helps the automotive recycling industry improve efficiency and save costs while ensuring the safety of the car recycling process and is designed to enable a truly breakthrough in this evolving industry. And, the project has already begun operations around the world, and most of the white paper in addition to nothing of the ICO project is different, so that investors can rest assured.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFormer ICO project CarTaxi will begin selling token on August 30. This is a logistics platform that automates all trailer companies in mobile applications. It has been launched in the Russian market, its 144 million people have about 52.5 million cars. The project is in the global expansion phase, in the United States and China to develop. The logistics platform CarTaxi is based on block chain technology and geographic location.n
nIt is the first mobile service to facilitate the recycling of cars around the world. The platform will solve the problems prevalent in the contemporary automotive recycling market on a global scale, especially in large cities. This service is currently mainly by relying on the dispatcher in this backward way to provide.n
nThe driver has difficulty in choosing the best operator. Often, the waiting time and cost of this service are exaggerated due to aimless driving. In order to reduce logistics costs, CarTaxi put all the trailer owners on a platform, so that customers can contact them faster. The system will select the appropriate trailer according to the weight, height, length and damage of the vehicle. As long as the card can be a few times to complete the order, when the trailer arrives at the destination immediately pay.n
nCarTaxi’s transactions are carried out through de-centric block-based chain technology based on intelligent contracts. This approach examines transparent, safe and efficient payments and ensures that car recycling companies are able to fulfill their obligations to minimize human factors and ultimately reduce service costs.n
nCarTaxi also guarantees the safety of the customer’s car being towed away. The system tracks the transport from the loading phase to the unloading point.n
nCarTaxi will change the growing car recycling market, just as Uber’s role in the taxi market is the same. The platform will enable the automotive recycling industry to develop to a higher level. According to a study by Juniper Research, block-chain technology plays a very important role in the world, and 57% of large companies with more than 20,000 employees are using the technology.n
nCarTaxi has become a common standard for seeking help on a halfway through a familiar interface. For vehicle recycling companies, it is a tool to improve the effectiveness of service delivery and reduce costs.n
nIt is worth mentioning that CarTaxi is different from most ICO projects because it has been operating on a global scale.n

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