The Chinese 7 years ago muddleheaded 10 million to buy bitcoins, now worth more amazing?

The Chinese 7 years ago muddleheaded 10 million to buy bitcoins, now worth more amazing?

Real life is a money based material life, people trying to moderate wage can buy lottery tickets or through the Liuhe color point award, rich people put money into the stock market with the stock rose to want to earn extra money. But so many people, really is to buy lottery tickets and stocks became rich overnight people very little, but there is such a person, 7 years ago muddleheaded bought thousands of bitcoins, now worth how much?

This man named Li was born in the mainland to, Chinese, a college graduate from Changchun, in college when he caught the opportunity, in the third when he participated in a wholesale market in the Changchun business, he and his friends to talk about the cooperation together, after the completion of cooperation from Li Xiaolai earn about twenty thousand dollars fee. Later, was also in the wholesale market to buy a small counter selling computer parts, but who would have thought that the money he earned because of illness and father spent. Li Xiaolai was honest in New Oriental School became an English teacher, but the man is still at heart a talent.

He almost every day to write a two thousand or three thousand word essay in English, when the teacher also wrote several books on the topic of successful book, even after he became famous now this book also has to bring Li Xiaolai royalty income. Li Xiaolai to buy bitcoin because he inadvertently heard from friends, bitcoin prices now, rose to a bitcoin can be exchanged for a little more dollars, Li Xiaolai after listening to very surprised world even than the dollar also expensive things? So he went back after his careful study of the bitcoin what, spent about half a year, has not been studied thoroughly, but Li Xiaolai has made a he never thought to bring him wealth decision: buy two thousand and one hundred bitcoin.

Since Li Xiaolai bought in fact bitcoin basically has been in the price trend, but it was not until three years ago, Lee suddenly announced that he was to come out, China has a six figure bitcoin’s richest man, then bitcoin is still relatively cheap, but he confused but to go on the road.

From the East after the resignation, Li Xiaolai founded a number of technology companies and education company, because bitcoin investment and the rich he also founded an investment company, Li Xiaolai is still on the Internet open pay course on the topic of wealth, the number of people watching this course very much, every year through this approach, earning Li Xiaolai there are tens of millions of. According to sources, Li Xiaolai has now worth billions, I believe the future will be higher.

When Li Xiaolai worked in the New Oriental is a humorous lecture very passionate teacher, still privately diligent to write essays every day, it seems that success is not always in favor of those people who doesn’t work hard. Li Xiaolai with bitcoin opened his door of wealth, now worth, even the immeasurable.

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