The cliff fell bitcoin is expected to rebound in 5000? To see the rational analysis of experts!

Yesterday after the futures delivery is completed, began talking about the weekly level for a long time before the rebound. Bitcoin also deliver the goods all the way from the delivery end of $more than 4200 yesterday rebounded to present the highest near $4528, while the short term for bitcoin could rebound to $4800, or $5050 on a bit of pressure is worth watching.

Not the reverse trend rebound has not changed the weak power of the futures market if only from the futures market began to rebound after yesterday, and there is no effective breakthrough with the amount of $4800, this position is worth looking forward to. But as for the so-called $5050 pressure bit short power is very strong. In the current bull trend is still weak and the downward market background, the futures market investors to form a high inertia of thinking — every empty, so personal feeling of direct rebound $5000 this interval is unlikely, unless a serious bearish market.

In addition zapan is now completely without any news, the game between the dealer and the institutional investors no longer need the so-called information hide. One can refer to some previous currency futures are now very well behaved with bitcoin, apart from the resilience of the other reboxetine currency reference significance.

Generally speaking even weekly level rebound is not reported too high expectations, but the bear market environment has not changed, even if the weekly level rebound is $4800 can look forward to, $5000 is estimated to revel.

This article is for reference only! Don’t make any absolute basis.

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