The coin Ring Black Friday, 1 trillion bitcoin bitcoin evaporation, mine closures come!

The coin Ring Black Friday, bitcoin currency decline copycat Ethernet square.

Today is the coin Ring Black Friday, all the coins in the crash, bitcoin has broken 30000 yuan, is now 29000 yuan, Ethernet square has 800 yuan, this is at the beginning of Wednesday 14 days a week almost uninterrupted selling pressure after. Bitcoin cash hard bifurcation has ended, this made no war who wins it, can only say that you have won the hand of the successful selling coins, loser or leek.

Bitcoin this morning at customer service throw further collapse rapidly moving in the 29000 yuan established a few days ago. At the time of this writing, the BTC value is 29000 yuan, 77% yuan 130000 lower than the highest record in history, bitcoin’s market value from 2017 year high evaporation 1. 6 trillion yuan. Other copycat coin is not to mention too horrible to look at!

Of course not bitcoin history the biggest slump

2011 from high to low of $32 $2, for 5 months, down 94%

In 2013 3 months from a high of $266 to a low of $66, down 75%

From the 2013-2015 year high of $1242 to a low of $198 in 20 months, down 84%

This year 12 month 2017 reached a new high of $19666 to $4500, down 77%, which lasted for 11 months

Small mines can not stay closed

Domestic ore market appeared after a small part of the bitcoin mining of mine waste was piled in the yard, in accordance with the price of scrap waste acquisition hawkers catty to sell. Duoliangwanduo 10000 professional machine, now only the value of 100 yuan, even according to the scrap price lower.

However, foreign mining companies are not better than! According to Caixin news, recently, headquartered in the United States bitcoin mineral company Giga Watt in bankruptcy.

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