The court ruled that Cryptsy CEO paid $ 8.2 million in damages

nnnTrap: Commentary on the bankruptcy of the digital currency exchange Cryptsy CEO to steal the user funds of the class action is now announced the final verdict. Defendant Paul Vernon was not present at the trial, and the court sentenced it to compensation of $ 8.2 million to the customer who suffered the loss. Participants indicated that this would protect the interests of digital money investors and was of great importance.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAn American judge ordered the chief executive of Cryptsy, a digital currency exchange that had ceased to operate, to pay $ 8.2 million in damages to his clients.n
nCryptsy is a Florida-based digital currency exchange that collapsed in January 2016 after months of complaints from customers. Soon after, the client filed a class action. Now, US District Court Judge Kenneth Marra has ruled the class action.n
nAccording to Marra’s July 27 court decision, Cryptsy CEO Paul Vernon – denied theft of user funds – “the need to compensate the plaintiff $ 8.2 million, which immediately implemented.”n
nIt is said that Vernon is currently living in a place in Asia, he did not appear in court to respond to this allegation, so the decision for the absence of the verdict.n
nThe ruling made it clear that Vernon took 11,000 per cent of the currency from the exchange.n
nMarra wrote:n
nn”The court further stated that the 11325.0961 Bitcoats stolen from the Cryptsy client on July 29, 2014, as of the date of the final judgment, were the property of the plaintiff.n
nnDavid Silver, a representative of one of the two law firms involved in the class action, said in a statement that the person who pushed the decision “was pleased to have achieved historic success” and added that the court’s decision The work of controlling 11 bit currency wallet addresses is also in progress.n
nHe told CoinDesk:n
nn”This decision is an important step for us to seek defense and justice for customers in the digital money world, and the exchange providers have used their trust to steal their hard earned money.”n

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