The crash because fairy fight bitcoin, will continue to rise up?

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In this Monday, bitcoin prices after a continuous decline after the period came to the lowest level in nearly a year, the price of $4883.09 bitcoin since this year fell more than 65%. In the last year, bitcoin prices have exceeded $10 thousand mark, is once more approaching $20 thousand of high prices, although after entering 2018, its price began to gradually decline, but the overall trend is gentle, as it is almost an hour below a close “situation is still relatively rare.

For the continuous fall this time, most of the analysis is that BCH is bitcoin cash “hard bifurcate” what is “hard fork? Bitcoin and can return to the past high price?

The so-called “hard fork”, generally can be understood as disagreement in the original consensus technology digital currency, it is a new chain from the original chain, and produced a new digital currency, with branches to form a similar. BCH (bitcoin cash) is one of the bifurcation currency bitcoin, as a kind of digital currency has been formed, BCH has the nature of loyal fans, CEO bit, Wu Jihan is one of the typical. So when the long-term self proclaimed Nakamoto Australia Craig Steven Wright for the BCH launched the “hard fork”, they launched a “struggle between nature”.

The struggle is very simple, is the force of competition, to influence the other encryption currency stable operation and transaction. But this “battle” brought about by stage stress fluctuations for the digital currency market will inevitably have a certain impact, so it caused a panic in the market, hedge selling will come one after another, which makes it a bit sluggish currency market suffered a heavy blow.

While the two sides to fight hard in the process, the biggest victims in addition to digital currency market itself, is a large investment in digital currency retail, powerful force is in front, retail investors who not only realizes accounting hopeless, will swallow the bitter fruit of currency prices plummeted. It can be described as “fairy fight and suffer mortal”.

In view of this situation many authoritative analysts have said that the seemingly tragic fall may be just a beginning, the future price of bitcoin may even fell to $1500. Bitcoin and other digital currency while not real money, but it does not mean that they have no value, the market can also show that in the first two years of the hot trend, and other digital currency bitcoin can become one of the many choices for investors. However, in the continuous fall, and fall behind the cause analysis, bitcoin is obviously no longer suitable for ordinary people to the investors.

As the saying goes “arm the thigh”, since only because of the stability of the market between the two giants of the competition, there is collapse, so for ordinary investors, in the digital currency market is also only a drift. In such a volatile market, investors face the risk is too high, so the market situation is not clear, or at a distance as well.

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