The crash of 2018! A map to tell you: bitcoin is approaching the largest in the history of the bear market

FX168 financial newspaper (HK) news according to reports, bitcoin fell over the weekend that intensifies, the 2018 collapse began to catch the biggest bear the encryption in the history of currency.

Bitstamp price display, the virtual currency prices fell to $3475. The last 12 months of the closing Bibi vertex low of about 79%.

(photo: Peng Bo)

Bitcoin this fall, has now reached 2011 and 93% and 2013 during the year fell to 2015 in Tokyo Mt. Gox encryption currency exchange fell 84% the same level of bankruptcy.

In sum, the decline is much larger: virtual currency tracking, since the market peaked since the value has lost more than $700 billion.

Although the bulls are betting that the needs of institutional investors will lead to a rebound, but because of concerns about exchange security, market manipulation and regulatory risk, most large fund companies remain on the sidelines.

This round of decline “in the real test of some of the key participants of faith,” encryption currency trading company OSL chief trader Ryan Rabaglia said. “I really think that the market wants to get a promotion, need funds eventually involved.”

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