The crazy influx of bitcoin Market

The crazy influx of bitcoin Market
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With the collapse of the Bank of Greece, the Greek is now turning to the crazy trading network platform, to explore the merits of bitcoin compared to the euro.

Bitcoin market in Germany The Greeks registered more than ten times. And in Bitstamp (the world’s third largest bitcoin exchange trading) ten weeks were compared, Greece’s bitcoin trading surged 79% .

   Even bitcoin trading platform Chinese has also been favored.

   Last weekend, the Poland Stock Exchange Bitcurex From Greece received numerous messages. Part of the problem is:

   “Bitcoin in the EU is legitimate?” “ Bitcurex Can a bank account?” “If your company has a network of ATMs in Greece?”

   Later Bitcurex Greece specially set up for the customer projects on its official website: “the registration shall enjoy three months of free trading rights procedures. The free!”

   Yes, in the bitcoin is legal. Also, the digital bitcoin wallet with all bank accounts.

understand Bitcoin is the simplest method of it as an electronic card, you can use any smartphone or computer to consume it.

   But these are not the most difficult.

   What is the second challenge? Greece can use bitcoin not many places. according to BitcoinMaps In Athens, there are only six or seven places to accept bitcoin payments, including a call Angel Tavern The family restaurant, a head surgery clinic and a yacht rental company.

   Just as CNNMoney Last year’s record, it is difficult to completely rely on bitcoin for students — even in highly modern New York.

   However, this is still a critical moment. The characteristics of bitcoin, independent electronic, in Two thousand and nine The year was created, the purpose is to hold money as bank (government issue) an alternative. Now is the time to shine.

   However, remember to stay sane. Bitcurex The spokesman Filip Godeck Said that Greece could not abandon the euro completely switched to bitcoin business.

   “I don’t guarantee to buy bread to the Greeks on Wednesday will bitcoin,” he said, “but I think (with bank failures) in their hearts must have some cognitive change. The Greeks won’t think that savings must be legitimate currency security.”

   The biggest drawback of bitcoin is it extremely unstable. Two thousand and twelve year Eleven In August, a bitcoin value Eleven A year after soaring to $ One thousand and one hundred Dollars. On Monday, a bitcoin trading volume Two hundred and fifty-three Dollars.

   but Godecki Said this fluctuation value does not make up bitcoin Greeks, never doubt the authenticity of the coins as money.

   Bitcoin has been seen, “he said,” and this is in the bank can not touch the real money.”

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