The daily planet | BCH bifurcation when Baidu was founded; blockchain Media Lab; Shanghai will be established to guide the fund industry chain block

 The daily planet | BCH bifurcation when Baidu was founded; blockchain Media Lab; Shanghai will be established to guide the fund industry chain block

The headlines

BCH bifurcation when ABC is temporarily leading BCH SV chain chain

Star daily news, November 16th 01:52, SVPool finally dug up a public pool of ore block, the BCH chain in half, then dig down into bits, will support BCH ABC chain and CSW (Macao Satoshi led BSV chain). At present is war continues, according to the latest CoinDance news, ABC chain leading BCH SV chain of 43 blocks, BCH ABC is now about two times BCH SV force.

Digital currency

Mine fire currency pool and user is being questioned misappropriated, clear fire coins

In November 16th, fire currency pool and mine questioned had embezzled user BTC support BCHABC. In this regard, the fire coins mine pool announcement that the fire coins mine pool at 15 am to 2 points, the other mineral mining under the task pool port to monitor the use of “investigation of mining technology, the BTC.TOP mine pool in BCH hard after bifurcation, some ports on the BTC is switched to BCH on lead ore mining, fire currency pool BCH error monitoring mining tasks, and the error to the ore miners pool fire coins.

OKCoin encryption currency trading platform launched in Argentina

According to Forklog news, OKCoin launched in Argentina encryption currency trading platform, to provide legal tender support, currently only supports the Argentina peso and dollar. The company representative said, the future will add other Latin American National currency.

Analysis: ICO fell sharply in the third quarter

According to the latest report of Independent Research Firm ICORating, 2018 third quarter total of 597 ICO projects, raising a total of over 18 billion dollars, far below the 2018 quarter to raise 83 billion dollars. Among them, 57% of the ICO project to raise more than $100 thousand.

Japan’s financial services agency report: the number of encryption related consulting a further decline in currency

Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) provides the latest data show that as of the end of September 2018, the financial services consulting office (FSA Counseling Office user for Financial Services) Handled 1231 cases related to the virtual currency consulting, less than a quarter of the 1602, and three months of 2018 is 3559. Investors rarely consulted encryption technology, this trend has become more apparent in the past two quarters.

Block chain industry

“China of financial technology application and development report 2018” released: block chain technology in the initial stage

Co authored by the association of Internet financial Chinese technology development and research group, Xinhua News Agency lookout think tank financial research center “Chinese of financial technology application and development report 2018” released. The report said that the application of block chain technology in the financial sector is still at a preliminary stage, there is a certain distance from the large-scale commercial, but in the supply chain finance, cross-border payments, asset securitization and other parts of the business scene has begun from the proof of concept towards the production practice. The potential application block chain technology in the field of financial period.

Baidu, Renmin University of China and cover media was founded blockchain Media Lab

In November 16th, according to cover news reports, in the thirteenth session of China media conference, Baidu and Renmin University of China, the cover media held the signing ceremony of cooperation, and announced the establishment of the blockchain Media Lab.

Dangdang founder Li Guoqing block chain investment projects, signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Copyright Protection Center

In November 16th, according to the golden financial news, Dangdang by founder Li Guoqing investment Crysto (crystal) applications refer to Dapp and China Copyright Protection Center signed a cooperation framework agreement DCI system of copyright registration, copyright and copyright rights monitoring based on its ecological chain block.

NVIDIA: Mining Company in slow demand growth is expected to lead to lower than expected earnings Q3

According to first financial reports, NVIDIA Tuesday Q3 released Q3 earnings, earnings per share of $1.84, revenue of 31.8 billion dollars. NVIDIA will be lower than expected earnings mainly attributed to mining demand growth is slower than expected, its founder and CEO Jen-hsun Huang said in a conference call: “we did not expect to price drop time will be longer, slower growth in demand, this is the cause of short-term excess inventory, but with the passage of time, this situation also will adjust.”

Domestic policy

Zhejiang provincial finance office: organize virtual currency trading platform for special clean-up remediation

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, supervision committee website issued “the provincial finance office: strengthening local financial supervision, and effectively guard against financial risks”. Mentioned in the text, and promote internet financial risks rectification, deepening the P2P network lending organizations to carry out special rectification, virtual currency trading platform and the Internet special clean-up remediation.

Zhejiang Wenzhou municipal government: strive to 2022 years, to create a 2-3 block chain industry base

The day before, the Wenzhou Municipal People’s government issued the “Wenzhou digital economy five years doubling plan”. The program pointed out that Wenzhou will seize the development block chain technology of the window of opportunity, promote the development of the industrial chain of Wenzhou block chain application. To 2022, the city to build 2-3 block chain industrial base.

Shanghai will set up a block chain guide the fund industry, the main block chain plate + branch investment direction

The daily planet news, Shanghai city block chain industry leading fund the first phase of 10 billion yuan scale equity investment fund has been started, the main investment direction “blockchain + branch board”, the investment can fall, block and block chain chain can bring effect to the real economy in the upstream and downstream enterprises.

Hainan Provincial Department: focus on the cultivation of block chain prospective format

According to the Hainan Daily reported that Hainan Provincial Department said, will be more open and international thinking, planning for the development of the digital economy China characteristics under the background of free trade port, support leading enterprises as soon as possible in growth, the formation of clusters, focusing on cultivating blockchain forward-looking industry state, to make the Internet industry into hundreds of billions yuan industry”.

Global policy

Canada, Singapore and the Bank of England: the central bank can solve the problem of digital currency cross-border payment

According to CCN reports, Canada, Singapore and the central bank the Bank of England has been listed as a digital currency (CBDC) can solve the problem of cross-border payment scheme.

The European central bank executive Cole: the next 10 years is unlikely to issue the central bank digital currency

According to Reuters, the European central bank executive Kerr (Benoit Coeure) said, the general consensus is that the next 10 years is unlikely to issue the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

French finance minister Lemerre: the French parliament has passed the encryption of monetary assets tax framework

French finance minister Lemerre (Bruno Le Maire) said that the French parliament passed the encryption monetary assets tax framework.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia: the government is offering to study digital currency

According to the news agency Ma Xin, Malaysia’s prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said the government is considering studying the release of digital currency, for they may replace the role of. He said, “we may accept (digital currency), but it depends on the situation.” When asked whether the Malaysian National Bank (BNM) agreed to issue the digital currency, he said: “I have not talked about and the national bank.”

Azerbaijan: the central bank will not issue national digital currency

According to CCN reports, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) said, does not intend to issue national support encryption currency, the central bank digital currency (CBDC). In November 15th, the first chairman Alim Guliyev CBA said in an interview, in view of the use of digital currency and similar financial instruments “huge risk”, the central bank monetary conservative treat encryption.

Figure – voice

China union party secretary Shao Fujun: block chain technology has broad space in the field of payment application

In November 16th, China union party secretary Shao Fujun at the seventh session of China payment forum said that space and opportunities exist in the payment industry specifically includes the following aspects: one is to bring sustained economic growth, the expansion of the scale of consumption and consumption potential of the sustained release will bring long-term opportunities for the payment industry; two is a science and technology leading energy strong, mobile payment to lead the world in China, the financial and technology of artificial intelligence, just unfolding, block chain, cloud computing, big data in the field of payment application is still a vast space; three is to regulate the development of consensus formation, with the account classification management system, fault, direct deposit concentration steadily depository and other regulatory measures, pay industry top-level system design “four beams eight columns have been built up.

 The daily planet | BCH bifurcation when Baidu was founded; blockchain Media Lab; Shanghai will be established to guide the fund industry chain block

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