The daily planet, BCH SV USDT hedge fund market capitalisation; collective selling bitcoin stop to leave

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BCH SV market value beyond USDT

According to CoinMarketCap, BCHSV has been among the top ten major currencies, currently ranked seventh, the market value beyond USDT, almost equal to Stellar. BCHSV nearly 24 hours rose over 33%, at $109.

Digital currency

The NASDAQ is promoting a bitcoin futures listing plan

According to Peng Bo reports, the NASDAQ is promoting a bitcoin futures listing plan.

The hedge fund collective selling bitcoin stop to leave, strict supervision to arbitrage opportunities

The fund manager said, hedge fund collective selling bitcoin choose stop to leave, the reason is that the national financial regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States will not allow bitcoin ETF listed, but bitcoin digital encryption currency financial derivatives innovation take an increasingly stringent regulatory attitude, hedge fund arbitrage abacus to cash.

Fire currency contracts by wearing equally, the lack of liquidity or loss caused by the user

Fire currency futures contracts will be on the line, and wearing a loss by all the profit account equally, in the trading liquidity situation, this provision will cause losses to the user. As a trader at the same time to open two single contract, profit and loss are respectively 10 BTC, because wearing equally, the user will loss, rather than profit. It is reported that the fire coins launched a sub brand BitVC early in the 2014 contract transaction, and a proportion of up to 46%.

The risk of iPhone users may be lost private key tips

Recently, iPhone mobile phone facing a risk: iPhone users may encounter “wallet APP certificate expires, you must uninstall and re download to open APP” message, which will lead to the APP private key needs to be imported. If the user has not been previously derived, backup private key, will face a loss, lost the private key account. At present, iPhone users will face the risk of.

Research shows that: 24 ICO projects to raise a total of $2 billion 800 million, the transaction amount is almost zero

According to a study researcher Andrew Tar of the crypto currency that has 24 ICO projects raised a total of $2 billion 800 million, trading volume is almost zero. The circulation of many tokens of less than 1% of the total. For example, the daily trading volume last month TRAK token is only slightly higher than the $2000, the transaction volume for several days or even 0, and this project by ICO raised $50 million. A project called Dragon has raised more than $420 million, becoming the sixth largest ICO in history, but the daily trading volume of less than $65 thousand.

The platform takes 1800 EOS to buy the name “” EOS address for the user to restore the loss of personal account

According to the official news, in mid November, users in the transfer process of EOS to mistake the 886 wrong personal EOS account “”. To help the user to recoup their losses, and to prevent this from happening again, platform yesterday formally took 1800 EOS bought the “” account. In addition, the platform will also 886 EOS returned to the party. official said, EOS’s account name and website name cannot correspond to the trading platform, trading platform transfer to the cut should be carefully verified recharge address.

Last week, bitcoin chain transfer increased by 60%

According to the fire coins blockchain market weekly (11.19-11.25) data last week, bitcoin block size rose, the average block number of transactions increased, the average number of unconfirmed transactions increased by 60.12% compared to the same period last week. INS Swachhcoin has become the highest degree of active code, telegram community projects with the highest degree of concern. Last week, bitcoin and etheric Fang sudden increase in the number of large transfers. Bitcoin chain transfer volume rose 60%, of which more than 1000BTC transfer increased by 295%. Last week the etheric Fang chain transfer increased by 89.2%, of which more than 10000ETH transfer increased by 416%.

Block chain industry

Report: bitcoin prices forced 20% miners miners shut down equipment, gross profit margin fell to 39% last week

Research firm Diar latest report pointed out that although this year the mining income of more than $500 million, but the two major miners BTCC Pool and Giga Watt has filed for bankruptcy, the debt of about 1000-5000 million dollars. The ant mining machine S9 mining cost and wholesale electricity costs in the best case, the miners need 30-45% gross margin to maintain profitability. In August this year, -11 months, the miners average gross margin of approximately 56%. Bitcoin prices forced 20% miners shut down equipment, fell to 39% last week, the average gross margin of miners.

Ripple reached a strategic cooperation with ASEAN’s fifth largest bank – the Bank of Malaysia group

Ripple and ASEAN (ASEAN) fifth bank – Malaysia Bank Group (CIMB) reached a strategic cooperation, CIMB has more than 1000 branches in Southeast asia. CIMB will use Ripple xCurrent technology to promote cross-border payment immediately.

Zhao Changpeng: South Korea has fake coins, and even organized activities

Zhao Changpeng tweeted, released a set of dialogue, is reported in South Korea was counterfeit coins, even impostor events in the Jiangnan area. Zhao Changpeng said this is not an official money event, please do not be fooled, and please alarm.

Fidelity launched a special customer encrypt subsidiary Fidelity Digital Asset

Fidelity Investment Company (Fidelity Investments) launched a company called Fidelity Digital Asset, a subsidiary of Services, specialising in crypto currency customers. According to ONe Network, CEO and founder of John Hoelzer, brought a degree of legitimacy of this step for the industry, and may be discussed with encryption currency supervision to the forefront.

Malicious code can steal bitcoin wallet money, BitPay wallet or affected

There are nearly 2 million times weekly download third party NodeJS modules to suffer malicious code infection in today’s detection, the code can be stored in a stolen bitcoin wallet in the application of funds. It is reported that the attack was a “right9ctrl” open source contributors using the Node.js library toolkit “Event-Stream”, and the use of this module of the BitPay open source bitcoin wallet application is the main target of Copay. BitPay said, Copay 5.0.2 to version 5.1.0 or has been affected by the malicious code, the users should avoid running or open the application before installing the Copay version of 5.2.0, the severity of the team will continue to investigate this problem and vulnerability.

The payment service blockchain insurance products “mutual insurance” will be upgraded to “treasure each other”

Today the ant payment service announcement, which is based on the block chain insurance products “mutual insurance” because of its partners sinomay life received regulatory authorities interviewed, the name can not continue with the “mutual assistance plan security illness” to “beautiful life sales letter mutual insurance agency is mutual group critical illness insurance”. “Mutual insurance” in 11 2018 27 12 point upgrade to “treasure each other”.

Global policy

Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission chief alder: currently unspeakable whether it will prohibit the virtual currency platform listed in Hongkong

According to Hongkong radio reported that the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission chief executive Mr alder said, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission plans on the regulation of virtual currency platform launched several operators plan sandbox expressed interest in. He said, see virtual currency transactions causing losses to investors in other areas, the Commission believes that Hongkong needs to understand the mode of operation, and then decide the regulation, but hardly will ban the virtual currency platform listed in Hongkong. For the Commission on the business of listed companies with less income threshold, thus increasing the number of companies delisting will, Europe of ceremony, depending on the company’s business need is persistent.

Japan national tax office: virtual currency obtained by hard branch before trading without tax

In November 21st the national tax agency released encryption currency transaction report explains about the virtual currency tax problems. The enterprise through the virtual currency transaction tax, personal business income (transaction), inheritance tax and gift tax, the virtual currency was not hard branch tax before trading, individual salary by virtual currency issued without tax. The acquisition time of the fair value of the virtual currency mining obtained by calculation, machine will calculate the costs and other expenses.

Norway bitcoin miners due to the loss of electricity subsidies or will be transferred to Sweden

Because Norway will cancel electricity subsidies for crypto currency miners from January 2019 onwards, the Swedish data center is expected to leave Norway for the mineral company settled in Sweden will set off a wave of new wave. In January 2019, operating in Norway mine operators will have to pay the equivalent of $0.019 / kWh (kWh) costs higher than the current subsidy of about $0.00056 / kwh. In contrast, according to the Swedish data center reported that Sweden paid approximately $0.00055 / kwh.

Figure – voice

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo: block chain technology can be applied to various fields

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at the 11 26 April Congress said the blockchain technology not only can be used in virtual currency, but also in the financial field, and used in various fields. Block chain technology will improve productivity, improve the convenience and safety of various services. In addition, the Senate Finance Committee and is also trying to modify the virtual currency tax system.

Sources: the wave field is on disk funds

Wave field had launched early face code plagiarism plagiarism, imitation EOS campaign, the white paper and the storm of public opinion, but now the market overall evaluation on the up and up. According to a person close to the wave field confirmed market rumors of wave field by the fund on disk is true, “the sun Yuchen also get down, to continue the game, had to do something to wave field.” Industry sources, perhaps in the capital market is to pay for his traffic.

Liu Xiaolei: the North block chain has two effects in data dividend period

Today, the first B2 FinTech technology global financial summit held in hk. Guanghua head of the Department of finance, Guanghua blockchain laboratory director Liu Xiaolei said China is in the transition period of economic development, from the previous period of demographic dividend into data dividend period, in which the block chain can play two roles: one is to help data ownership, helps to make the data as a production factor into production and circulation; two is to contribute to the digital assets, asset pricing and production, circulation, contribute to the effective allocation of resources.

Bohai Securities: active interest in the proposed block chain plate

Bohai Securities said that the current industrial enterprises by optimizing the allocation of industrial Internet resources, improve the production efficiency more intense demand. Plate, active interest in the proposed block chain, artificial intelligence, Internet industry sector.

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