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The headlines

Bitcoin plummeted, part of a stable currency substantial premium

Today morning bitcoin fell nearly a year low today at about 12:29, BTC fell below $6000. Today, around 18 PM, BTC fell below $5600 mark, record lows for the year, from the highest point close to $20000 in December 2017 has fallen by about 70%. At the same time, part of a stable currency substantial premium. Binance platform data show, TUSD PAX reached $1.07, about $1.05, the two largest currency gains in the Binance of all currencies, rose nearly 15%, while most currencies are down sharply in two digits.

Digital currency

Many traders said the existence of limit loophole OKEx futures contract system, or is one of the last night market reason

The evening of November 14th, bitcoin prices fell sharply, when bitcoin prices fell to $5800, OKEx bitcoin futures contract fell significantly, causing a chain explosion. According to the chain of Wen ChainNews quoted many traders said the market appeared abnormal changes one possible reason is the existence of “price vulnerability OKEx trading system”. When prices fell, the system can only limit the user issued is higher than the actual market prices of sell orders, users can not lead to real time to lighten up, and the emergence of the rapid rebound in the explosion; when the market, and instead makes users can not make the normal market transaction can limit the price list, price billing by the card in the far below the market the level is unable to realize the transaction. A hedge fund trader encryption assets said that this vulnerability is the result, when price volatility fell, OKEx users can not sell contracts, not only leads to lighten up the warehouse explosion.

CIMB group and Ripple has reached a strategic cooperation, to achieve real-time cross-border payments

According to dailyhodl, one of Asia’s largest bank CIMB group (CIMB Group) RippleNet. Ripple solutions based on block chain has been deployed for enhanced CIMB proprietary remittance products SpeedSend. The service allows customers to directly through the account immediately send and receive funds. It is reported that CIMB Group is the association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) 5 big banks.

Block chain industry

Application of IPO Ka Chi Nan Yun has expired, sources said this year to complete the IPO

The Hongkong stock exchange website, Chia Nan Yun Chi of Hongkong has submitted IPO application failure in 6 months after the funding target is about 4 billion dollars. Sources said that the business model and Prospect of Jia Nan Yun Chi of Hongkong stock exchange has a lot of questions. Due to the HKEx listing hearing is not updated, Chia Nan Yun Chi IPO can not be completed this year. In addition, Tianhe International IPO can not be completed this year, the mainland is still bit in an HKEx and SFC inquiry, China other bitcoin miners prospects questioned.

The financial Jingdong launched the “mutual Jingdong” into block chain technology

According to the Securities Daily reported that the Jingdong financial and property benefits mutual insurance agency recently launched the “mutual cooperation of Jingdong”. And Alipay had launched the “mutual insurance”, “mutual Jingdong” also introduced the block chain technology, ensure the information open and transparent, more reliable.

Ali responded blockchain insurance “mutual insurance” was interviewed: positive report, currently operating normally

According to the Associated Press reported earnings, since the Internet Co launched the “mutual insurance” similar products since regulators received more than traditional insurance company telephone complaints, the blockchain insurance Ali’s mutual insurance “is under the supervision of interviews objects. In this regard, Ali’s company each letter of the United States responded that the company is positive to the supervision report, at present the normal operation of mutual insurance.

NetEase announced a third quarter will block chain technology for game development

On November 15th, NetEase announced third quarter earnings. NetEase reported Q3 net income for the 16 billion 855 million yuan ($2 billion 454 million). At the same time, in the Q3 quarter, NetEase will be the first time block chain technology for game development, on-line based on innovative game items “blockchain intelligent generation contract Fu Xi reign”. (Financial Network)

Global policy

The State Department of financial services issued by the 14 encryption currency license

11 15 April, according to the Coindesk report, the State Financial Services Department of New York (DFS) to the New York digital investment group (NYDIG) released a new BitLicense (encrypted currency license), allowing it to provide related services in the State Encryption currency. NYDIG can now provide including BTC, BCH, ETH, hosting and trade execution services XRP and LTC. NYDIG won the New York State Encryption currency permit institutions for the 14.

Figure – voice

Li Ming: the blockchain early should return to the essence of Technology

According to reports, in the “2018 digital asset security forum, room block chain China Electronic Technology Research Institute of standardization ministry Director Li Ming said, the essence of the blockchain early or to return to the practice and research and application from technology, economy and society are talking about is empty. A while, we have high magic, empowerment and technology security technology, so that we can really use our technology transformation of the new life, change our way of life, business forms and industrial form.

Li Kaifu: the block chain still wait-and-see attitude

11 month 15 days, according to reports in San Francisco DVN APP oil, CEO Summit, innovation works CEO Li Kaifu said that the need to observe the block chain in three aspects: how to solve the problem of POW 1. There is no solution; 2., how to solve the problem of tight money chain bundle. Li Kaifu said, I believe there will be completely decoupled from the application block chain and encryption currency, but it has not yet seen; 3. ICO will get a clear regulation. In the aspect of supervision, the United States and the European Union have action, Chinese may also follow their pace. But until the clear regulation before he will continue on the sidelines.

Chen Weixing: the real to the center of the future, the physical scale only bitcoin currency

In November 15th, Chen Weixing micro-blog said, “BCH and BSV fight, like two fake Wukong Wukong fights the struggle seriously, the intention of liquidity to attract BTC and computing power, so as to improve their price. Cold and auburn Cong, are a group, they hold millions of BCH bifurcation of the hold millions of BCH and BSV, and can be repeated cut chives. I do not believe in false Wukong, they do not want to become more physical, and prefer to be the private bank. The future is a real currency scale to the center, the physics we need, now only bitcoin.”

Xiao Lei: the market will find at the bottom of a new round of fall in

According to the digital currency collapse, digital currency analyst Xiao Lei said that three factors led to the bitcoin fell again, the first one is from a technical perspective, bitcoin is still in a bear market, the fundamentals did not appear direct positive, new funds are limited, investors do not stop there on foot patience, the second is the focus of the market; the stage in the STO two class market derivatives development, and reduce the strategic significance and attribute of bitcoin and other digital currency discussion, investors lack of awareness of non credit currency, hold security bitcoin reduced, unshaken belief; the third is that bitcoin cash has brought fears to bifurcation the stock market, is the phase fluctuations, making bitcoin holders worried about bitcoin attacks will become a possible hedge selling intensified. Overall, sideways long bitcoin, will stimulate investors to make a choice, the choice of large impact on the stage of market at present, the market is still very weak, but with the continued fall, speculative demand gradually clearing, the market will seek a new base in the fall, but this is a long process, investors need to have adequate psychological preparation.

IBM Supervisor: CBDC can alleviate the risk of financial crisis in 2008

In November 14th, according to Cointelegraph reports, the central bank currency IBM encryption (CBDC) solutions, global head of financial services blockchain chief technology officer Stanley Yong said in an interview, CBDC can alleviate the risk of financial crisis in 2008. It believes that CBDC is to have the financial services required to determine the only method of settlement, especially considering the 2008 Lehman crisis risks during the. He suggested that the central bank for the transfer of funds and flexible delivery mechanism of various goods, derivative and stock block chain system in combination with digital systems, will get rid of all kinds of risks in 2008 to see the way.

Investment and financing

KuCoin completed $20 million A round of financing, lead investor IDG capital

KuCoin today announced the completion of the exchange, from IDG capital, matrix partners and NGC A round of financing, the total investment amounted to $20 million. The money will be used to develop the KuCoin platform 2, the expansion project operation and customer service team, cultivate block chain related talents, promoting the global expansion of KuCoin. KuCoin is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Chinese, Thailand, Philippines and Bulgaria, currently has 5 million registered users, nearly 400 kinds of transaction support.

Currency exchange (ExShell) won the Tony get millions of yuan capital strategic investment

Pui coins (ExShell) exchange official said, it has obtained good strategic capital investment millions of yuan, the money is mainly used for platform development. The coin Bay by two former executives jointly launched the fire coins online now, the first current digital asset management products “shell treasure”. The official said, the follow-up will be launched across the chain mechanism and quantitative account settlement, cloud, sustainable contracts, futures options and other financial products, to provide comprehensive and efficient digital financial services for users.

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