The daily planet | bitcoin market share for the first time facing down 50%; Swiss Confederation’s parliament approved a motion encryption currency regulation

 The daily planet | bitcoin market share for the first time facing down 50%; Swiss Confederation's parliament approved on encryption currency regulation bill

The headlines

Swiss Confederation’s parliament has approved a bill on encryption currency regulation

The legislature of the Swiss government, the Federal Parliament has approved a motion to amend the relevant provisions of the existing federal committee of judicial and administrative authorities, so that these Provisions also apply to the encryption of money. The bill aims to determine how to contain encrypted currency related risk, and whether the entity operating encryption trading platform should be equal to the financial intermediaries, and accept the supervision of financial markets.

Digital currency

Bitcoin market share for the first time facing down 50%

Bitcoin market share close to 50% for the first time since last August 11th following. According to CoinMarketCap data, the current bitcoin total market capitalization accounted for 50.9% of the total market capitalization of the entire market ( Note: the daily planet Odaily has dropped to 50.8% ), and in March 17th fell to 50.54%.

OK is about to launch a stable currency OKUSD

In March 20th, Xu star said: stable currency tweets will be one of the most important application block chain. We are pleased to announce that we will launch our stable currency OKUSD soon.

 The daily planet | bitcoin market share for the first time facing down 50%; Swiss Confederation's parliament approved a motion encryption currency regulation

Huobi Prime officially opened on March 26th

The fire station announcement said the global currency, will be in Singapore time 3 26 April officially opened fire on the coin money channel optimization (Huobi Prime), Huobi Prime TOP Network project launched by. TOP Network (TOP) of the opening time is 21:00 on March 26th, the user can fire coins global station HT transaction in TOP/HT transactions on the market, sold on the way.

Report: February trading volume of Hongkong and South Korea encryption currency exchange increased by 12% and 6%

A CryptoCompare report on the December 2018 to February 2019 period the number of exchanges and trading volume encryption. Among them, currency exchange, the exchange of two Bithumb in South Korea and Upbit for $26 billion 810 million and $5 billion 720 million a month trading volume ranked the top two. Further analysis pointed out that Malta is only a month trading volume increased by 8%. At the same time, Hongkong and South Korea Exchange monthly trading volume increased by 12% and 6% respectively.

Block chain industry

Oracle display block chain used in the British Parliament

In March 11th, four companies from the blockchain industry shows some block chain applications in the real world in the British parliament. According to reports, IOTA, Oracle, Everledger and Lloyd ‘s of London conducted a live demonstration. A live demonstration highlighted block chain in olive oil and diamond supply chain (Oracle and Everledger respectively), international trade (IOTA) and insurance claim and transaction settlement (Lloyd’s) in the practical application of the potential.

SBI set up a subsidiary processing application block chain technology transfer of personal business

In March 19th, SBI holdings established a subsidiary, responsible for handling the application block chain technology, personal remittance business, provide the letter SBI network bank in the personal remittance application “Money Tap”. It is reported that Money Tap was originally run by SBI Ripple Asia joint venture subsidiary SBI holdings and Ripple, but SBI has decided its legal person for early investment.

Block chain platform Klaytn Kakao’s 6 will officially open the end of the month

In March 19th, South Korea’s Internet Co Kakao Group subsidiary Ground X held a business that will be said, Klaytn Kakao’s block chain platform will be officially unveiled at the end of June. On the application of KakaoTalk communication encryption currency wallet installation scheme, Ground X Han Zaishan said, is currently planning and preparation, has not decided when and how to open.

India IT giant block chain and other new technology training for employees

India IT giant Tech Mahindra said it is to train staff, mainly for digital and next-generation technology field, such as block chain, network security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, automation and 5G. The company also established the blockchain center of excellence, encourage employees to develop block chain technology solutions.

Media: bit, close its offices in Norway and moved to Germany

Bit, closed the branch in Norway has just set up a year. According to the ICO Shock quoted the former manager of the company Julie Hvideberg said: “the Beijing based company has been terminated in all business in Scandinavia, and the office moved to germany.” According to the executive said, the main reason is that the country has cancelled electricity subsidies for mining facilities.

Square is looking for a new encryption engineer, available bitcoin payment of their wages

Square CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that the company plans to hire engineers and a full-time designer, bitcoin and encryption ecosystem of open source, these new employees can choose to pay with bitcoin.

Investment and financing

Japan blockchain startups Startbahn completed 3.1 billion yen financing, Dentsu voted

Planet 3 Daily News June 19, the main “Art + blockchain Japan block chain start-up company Startbahn announced the completion of 3.1 billion yen third-party capital, investors including SX Capital, Dentsu, University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UETC) and Katayama Ryutaro.

LongHash recently announced the completion of the first round of ten million yuan financing

LongHash recently announced the completion of ten million yuan the first round of financing, by the world famous blockchain investment institutions HashKey Group and distributed capital lead investor. LongHash business mainly covers two plate block chain industry incubation service and data media.

The German block chain project Lition completed the first round of $500 thousand ICO fund

The German block chain project Lition YouTube released last week in testmet solution, in the first round of ICO in 13 minutes and 14 seconds will reach $500 thousand in the first round of limit. ICO will continue in 3 21 april.

Singapore Exchange $44 million financing

According to the official news, Singapore digital asset exchange has partnered with Ledger, is currently applying for Singapore digital currency exchange platform license, will be officially launched in March 21st. It is reported that by the Singapore encryption money market investor Eric Cheng led investors alliance has financing of $4400 million.

The United States Department of health and human services 700 million investment, using the transformation of its procurement platform block chain technology

The United States Department of health and human services (HHS) are continuing to explore the blockchain technology, and to the BUYSMARTER / AI block chain plans to invest $7 million. The plan is to use block chain technology to transform HHS procurement platform. BUYSMARTER predicted that if the full implementation of the new system, which can save $720 million a year.

The tiger won the pole bean capital chain finance tens of millions of dollars of investment strategy

Recently, block chain chain announced the acquisition of financial media platform tiger pole bean capital of tens of millions of yuan investment strategy, in addition, pole beans capital will also finance’s chain and chain tiger tiger tiger chain business school jointly set up a venture capital fund, high-quality block chain project to invest in its training.

India encryption currency exchange CoinDCX for Bain Capital

In March 20th, India has been announced CoinDCX encryption currency exchange Bain Capital Venture Capital Investment (Bain Capital Ventures), but did not disclose the amount of investment.

Figure – voice

NVIDIA’s chief financial officer, is scheduled to clean up inventory, for fiscal year 2020 is optimistic

In March 12th, NVIDIA’s chief financial officer Colette Kress told analysts and investors, Nvidia is still trying to solve the mining activities due to the accumulation of encryption card down inventory, but still have the confidence to complete the sales task according to the plan before the time. At the same time, he said, is expected in fiscal year 2020 sales will be flat with last year or slightly lower, but the company still holds an optimistic forecast.

Japanese finance minister: virtual currency name change does not mean the change of tax system

In March 20th, Japan’s deputy prime minister and finance minister Taro Aso said that although the cabinet passed the virtual currency name to encrypt asset resolution, but earlier in the definition of “settlement law” has not changed, so in the tax system, the virtual currency tax belong to the “miscellaneous income” point of view has not changed.

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