The daily planet BSV is | support force has reached 76.39%; ant Payment Service denied issuing coins; micro-blog announced to build the blockchain content correlation matrix

 The daily planet BSV is | support force has reached 76.39%; ant Payment Service denied issuing coins; micro-blog announced to build the blockchain content correlation matrix

The headlines

Support bitcoin SV is reached 76.39%

According to Coin Dance data show that in the past 24 hours, more than 76.39% of the BCH force in support of Craig Wright’s bitcoin SV. Among them, Wright Calvin Ayre CoinGeek supporters pool is jumped from 30.6% to 41%. In contrast, okminer and Mempool have lost a large part of stress, decreased from 3.47% to 7.64% and 6.25%. At the same time, ABC bitcoin mining pool, Antpool, and are now finally force control 8.33%, 4.86% and 6.25%.

Digital currency

The gold suit: Alibaba and online payment service CC ant coins, Taobao coins are false news

The payment service micro-blog official rumor that ants block chain never touch virtual currency, we apply block chain technology patents first in the world, not a ICO. The blockchain value lies in the establishment of trust, but trust in destroying ICO. All application ant blockchain, is to create real value in the real world, it is always the technical value.

Block chain industry

TSMC will invest 100 billion to build a new plant, the industry believes that the move to sprint 7Nm process

According to the Taiwan area “Chinese Economic Daily” reported that TSMC yesterday held a meeting of the board of directors approved up to 1034.8 billion new Taiwan dollars (about RMB 233 million) budget, will upgrade the advanced process capacity to build factories, construction, expansion and. The industry believes that TSMC related capital expenditures, primarily for the sprint 7 nanometer process, widening and competition of Samsung and Intel rivals.

Sina’s gaming division Yang Zhen: to build a block chain content based on micro-blog’s correlation matrix

According to Sina reported in the 2018 game, the number of entertainment Future Global Forum (GDES2018), general manager of sina’s gaming division Yang Zhen said that in the landing block chain technology scene, “block chain game” has become the vanguard. The future, Sina games will also be committed to building block chain content based on micro-blog’s correlation matrix.

Get cryptography and distributed data storage method of Amazon’s patent

The e-commerce giant Amazon acquired two patents and protection of digital signature and improve the integrity of the distributed data storage related methods. These two patents in November 13th by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced. (Cointelegraph)

Global policy

SEC released the annual report on the investigation of law enforcement, the ICO increased significantly

According to Bravenewcoin reports, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission released its annual report on the law enforcement. The report shows, a survey of ICO SEC increased significantly, and explains the basic principles of law enforcement action. The report has 30 references to ICO (2017 only 4 times), the important position of encryption assets occupy report. At the end of September, the SEC launched dozens of investigation on ICOs and encryption currency company, many of which are still in progress. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission in the report are listed separately 20 and ICOs law enforcement and related digital assets, of which more than 70% of the case accused person.

Japan’s financial services agency or the crypto currency wallet industry supervision

According to CoinPost reports, the FSA ninth encryption currency exchange seminar pointed out that at present, although the industry engaged in the management or wallet transfer customer encryption currency, but because there is no encrypted currency transactions, the capital settlement law can not be identified as the encryption currency exchange business, but considering the network attack caused by encryption and money laundering, stolen money the financing of terrorism and other risks, the financial supervision should be carried out. The content regulation in addition to the requirements of rectification, and KYC on the registration system and the internal management system of the industry customers other encryption currency corresponding measures encryption monetary management related, also referred to the corresponding measures on unauthorized operators. Research Council members generally agreed on the regulation of the wallet industry.

Figure – voice

Mutual Gold Association Li Lihui: virtual currency may become digital currency financial assets valuation tools and payment

According to reports, the Internet Finance Association China blockchain working group leader Li Lihui proposed that financial technology innovation constitutes the new situation, we should pay attention to is based on virtual instruments of digital technology has the potential to scale, the virtual currency may become digital currency financial assets valuation tools and payment, and may constitute a force algorithm digital financial market pricing.

O the Cong propaganda: match will fail to continue to BitcoinABC

Australia the Cong (CSW) on Twitter and propaganda: whether it is quick or attrition, we will only wait for you to collapse, you lack of money, but we have, the game will continue to BitcoinABC failed.

Jiang: probably drow rate of BCH and BSV are alive

In response to micro-blog users on the BCH bifurcation results will appear BCH and BSV together with the dead, or there can only be one “, Libet pool Jiang Thatcher responded:” the probability of both live, I tend to think that CSW (Ao Bencong) figth, won’t burn positive war, hope CSW can hit my face.”

Xu Mingxing: the blockchain future or is another meaning and form a small program

The OK block chain founder Xu Mingxing Academy of Engineering in the world Internet Conference said that the future will block chain has more integrated and inclusive, the future may not exist that block chain industry, because this technology will become a pillar industry and a lot of necessities, is another kind of meaning and form a small program. According to reports, the OK block chain engineering academy began commercial block to accelerate the process of chain solutions, in-depth cooperation with a number of customers in the industry of water conservancy and hydropower, games, online travel, power block chain has become after the age of the Internet “Hydropower coal”.

Investment and financing

HSBC investment enterprise block chain technology company Axoni

HSBC joined the enterprise blockchain technology company Axoni B round of financing, so far, this round of financing amounted to $59 million. Axoni will use the latest round of financing to enhance the data synchronization technology, expanding its infrastructure to support product suite, the key task of the deployment of AxCore, and expand the use of distributed enterprise network books. After the news, the blockchain technology company Axoni has acquired Nyca Partners, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, NEX group, Y Combinator, Wells Fargo and other financial institutions such as investment.

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