The daily planet | Citibank recruitment block chain and monetary position with BM encryption; announced major news on June EOS

 The daily planet | Citibank recruitment block chain and monetary position with BM encryption; announced major news on June EOS

The headlines

Citibank block chain and crypto currency position

British led information display, Citibank released “MI & Blockchain DLT | hiring Product Manager – VP” post, post content requirements of work in the field of block chain, distributed technology, digital assets etc.. At present, the application has been closed, a total of 45 applications. The daily planet Odaily previously reported that Citibank has abandoned the launch of a similar JPM Coin encryption currency plan, but the bank also said it will continue to explore the blockchain, especially in areas such as trade finance.

Digital currency

Japan’s financial services agency approved by the two virtual currency exchange registration

In March 25th, Japan’s financial services agency approved under the “Lotte Lotte wallet and Internet Initiative Japan’s” DeCurret “the two exchanges as a virtual currency exchange registration.

Japan’s TaoTao exchange is expected to be 5 months of this year to open the encrypted transaction service

Japan’s YAHOO subsidiary Z Corporation owned by TaoTao Corporation, which is expected to open encrypted currency trading service in mid May this year, the pre registration time for the March 25th to April 17th.

 The daily planet | Citibank recruitment block chain and monetary position with BM encryption; announced major news on 6 EOS

Research data: bitcoin network security maintenance costs $7 million a day

According to the encrypted data startups Messari, $7 million per day to protect the bitcoin block chain network security. ETH takes less than $2 million.

Report: U.S. bitcoin exchange trading volume accounted for 29% of the total global trade

In March 20th, Asset Management Co Bitwise to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) according to a report submitted, bitcoin trading volume of U.S. exchange accounted for about 29% of the total global trade, much higher than previously expected. In the later, the United States is the world’s first bitcoin Trading Volume 2 of the country.

The news EOS BM:6 month will, and will be the biggest news available since EOSIO.

In March 24th, the founder of EOS BM group and user interaction in the telegraph, said in June there will be a new message will affect the EOS, will be the biggest news available since EOSIO.

DragonEx platform wallet hacking, user and platform of digital assets stolen

Encrypted currency exchange network (DragonEx) in Telegram long said: March 24th, DragonEx wallet platform was hacked, causing the user and platform of digital assets has been stolen, recovered part of the assets, said the platform will continue to the greatest extent possible to recover stolen assets. For this because of hacking caused by the loss of customers, DragonEx will be responsible in the end.

Cryptopia: in exchange was announced in 24 hours after the invasion of the deposited funds will not be recovered

The New Zealand currency exchange encryption Cryptopia issued a statement detailing the deposits occurred after the January 14th attacks. The statement said that all users are in the early morning of April 15 1 0 received a notice of New Zealand time point. Therefore, will not be able to recover in 24 hours after the announcement of the deposit.

GitHub users: the Ethernet address and browse MetaMask leaked square wallet has been switched to dynamic, privacy mode will be caught

A MetaMask GitHub shows that MetaMask has been in the etheric Fang wallet users browse the website the broadcast Ethernet wallet allows third parties to see Fang, Fang Ethernet address, and may be linked together with dynamic web browsing. Submit this information to the user said: as Amazon, Google, PayPal and other three party websites can be user block chain transactions and credit card payments together, so that the user identity, identity and transaction users will be exposed.

Block chain industry

The city will start the universal energy innovation, technology to the industrial chain penetration block

The morning of March 25th, universal innovation shaped city project started. It is reported that the universal energy innovation city will be built in the block chain of wisdom City, block chain project practice. The development process of Universal City will gradually build a cumulative innovation in the three level, completely built on top of the cloud, the park to block chain and artificial intelligence as the core of the “management platform”, facing the world, the integration of technology and business ideas, to develop global scenarios.

CISCO report: 2027, block chain store of value may account for 10% of the world GDP

The global technology company CISCO (Cisco Systems) recently released a report, the company focuses on business oriented block chain platform. The report predicts that the 2027 block, chain store of value may have accounted for the global GDP 10%. To 2021, is expected to block chain market will reach $9 billion 700 million.

 The daily planet | Citibank recruitment block chain and monetary position with BM encryption; announced major news on 6 EOS

Block chain company Universal license was suspended after a year of stock trading, or face delisting

Universal certificate since 2018, with tens of millions of dollars, assets such as real money, buy a digital currency, the block chain as their global strategy, name card, more or more to buy, buy more or more, repeatedly deferred repayment of loans. Only the first half of 2018, global communication card and loss of HK $50 million 711 thousand, almost catch up with the year 2017. According to the stock exchange announcement, after a year, if it fails to meet the GEM Stock Exchange listing rule 17.26, the stock exchange will cancel the global credit market.

Global policy

Russia has delayed the bill from the digital assets to delete the contents of the encrypted currency

Recently, the Russian financial assets digital delay in the bill, “crypto currency” and “intelligent contract” and “token”, a few terms are deleted. In May 22, 2018, Russian Federation State Duma members of Congress by the drafting of the “digital financial assets” bill. According to the document, and is recognized as a crypto currency token property.

The South Korean parliament proposed block chain revitalize and promote the cultivation of bill

The South Korean parliament for the first time proposed a block chain industry promotion act, the bill includes the establishment of block chain technology research foundation, professional training and support to start-ups. The bill was initiated by the chairman of the Korea Science and Technology Ministry of information and communication, Democratic Senator Li Xiangmin.

Figure – voice

Chicago by Chairman Terry Duffy bitcoin: lack of basic functions to attract government

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) chairman and chief executive officer Terry Duffy said in an interview, bitcoin can attract the government’s lack of basic functions. That is to say, it is not supported by the legal currency, other encryption currency bitcoin operate within a limited supply, monetary policymakers will eventually stop the deficit to run it. Stable currency legal currency support is the type of encryption currency regulator can be considered, because they have characteristic of traditional currency.

Cocos-BCX founder Chen Haozhi: prop trading will become the main business model chain block game

Recently by Cocos-BCX and TRON jointly organized by the Blockchain Games Next conference, Cocos-BCX sponsors Chen Haozhi said, in the first quarter of 2019, the blockchain game props transaction size has reached 2 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, is 10 times the same period last year. This can be an optimistic forecast, will become the main prop trading business model block chain game, even based on digital assets trading market, there will be huge trading platform beyond the traditional e-commerce platform.

Grin founder: Grin Core bitcoin core development team and independent

Grin founder Ignotus Peverell privacy coins in the project forums, denied the rumors about the “bitcoin Core members participated in the Grin development group”. Ignotus Peverell said that the core of the development of members of the Grin were not related with the bitcoin core development team members Core, Grin, Ignotus Peverell and Antioch Peverell in addition to the two anonymous human development, the core developers are not the real name of any known bitcoin developer Core.

The fog slowly cosine: Ethernet square Mist browser was selection Electron browser is very miserable decision

Slow micro-blog fog cosine said that an important reason for the etheric Fang decided to shut down Mist browser is indeed “safety”, they were the selection of Electron (Chromium and Node.js based on the browser to do) is really a very miserable decision, Electron itself for many 0day repair speed is very slow, but also a lot of security JavaScript of the world, and the core part of Mist is the location of the wallet +DApp browsing, which leads to many security risks to zoom in and out of control, resulting in Mist have to charge a lot of unnecessary energy security issues in the Electron itself, rather than give up, reconstruction.

 The daily planet | Citibank recruitment block chain and monetary position with BM encryption; announced major news on June EOS

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