The daily planet | Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform; release passes fire currency management rules; Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

 The daily planet | Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform; release passes fire currency management rules; Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

The headlines

Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

Bitfinex yesterday issued a notice that the USDT / USD and EURT / EUR 1:1 is no longer in exchange; at the same time, Tether issued notice that the re opening of registration channels, users can directly use the Tether convertible currency, the minimum amount of $100 thousand in cash.

Digital currency

The ant pool bitcoin play a minimum amount of up to 0.01BTC

The ant pool announced today, due to the current bitcoin transaction fees are too high, today will be the original bitcoin minimum payment 0.001BTC raised to 0.01BTC. Other currencies are not affected.

Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform for institutional investors

Coinbase Sales Supervisor Christine Sandler said in an interview recently, Coinbase is launching the over-the-counter service platform, only for institutional investors. The measures can ensure its big customers of large transactions in the OTC, does not cause market volatility. Coinbase is not directly involved in the transaction, but hope that customers use the platform information into a single, self guadan. Sandler also said the company plans to expand the scope of services, including delayed settlement, and may be integrated with Coinbase Custody.

The fire coins released through credit management rules, strengthen information disclosure and information exchange

The fire station today released the “global currency passes fire currency management rules”, a total of 22 dollars, demand side project by a newspaper, quarterly report form Huobi Coinbook (the original project regularly in the exhibition center) for information disclosure, such as special events, projects the need for temporary disclosure within 24 hours. Fire currency said, will conduct inquiries and investigation of the project side, illegal passes may be “ST” and “hidden transaction” and “stop trading”. Fire currency relevant responsible person said that the launch of the rule is to build the project side, investors, and other multi Bridge Trust trading platform, increase the transparency of the industry, and promote industry compliance and development, to achieve mutual benefit.

Block chain industry

VanEck is working with the launch of the NASDAQ regulated futures contract encryption

At the Consensus Invest conference, VanEck digital asset manager and strategist Gabor Gurbacs announced that VanEck is with the cooperation, “under the supervision of the futures contract for a market type of encryption 2.0”. Peng Bo agency reported earlier, sources said the NASDAQ is seeking to launch bitcoin futures in 2019.

Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province: the first three quarters of this year, the province has made remarkable achievements in the industrial chain of digital blocks

In November 28th, the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Department official website published an article “integration of innovation and development, stimulate the surging momentum”. The article pointed out that the third quarter of this year, the province achieved remarkable results in speeding up the implementation of cloud computing, big data, networking, artificial intelligence, digital industry chain block action. 2017 in Hangzhou city in the block chain field has global patent 116, after Beijing and Shenzhen ranked No. 3.

Nanjing use block chain technology to achieve nearly 10000 for government services online

Said the Nanjing Municipal Committee, publicity minister Chen Yong today held the second session of the Internet big data and social governance for Nanjing summit, Nanjing integrated 46 unit of service functions, focus on the provision of public services more than 100. The use of big data, block chain technology, deepen the reform of science and technology, the 14 thousand government services online for 80% to achieve.

Global policy

South Korea development block chain voting system

Korea Science and information communication technology will develop the blockchain voting system, the system will be tested in the private sector in December. The government said that the system of the latest development in voter authentication and save the results in application of block chain, which will improve the transparency and safety.

The president of Venezuela: Beach visitors can use encryption currency to pay the bills

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (Nicol sMaduro) announced that the country’s Beach visitors can now use encryption currency for their bills. Local media quoted Maduro as saying that the ruling only applies to some of the “economic zone”, including tourism, including the northern state of Falcon Beach, Margarita and La Tortuga islands and Archipelago de Los Roques.

Hangzhou Yuhang innovation park officially opened, including the blockchain incubator

Yesterday, Hangzhou Yuhang District East of the creative industries in Yuhang economic and Technological Development Zone block chain incubator, inno innovation space six Bay run innovative park officially opened. These parks, vertical field incubation space focusing industry segments, covering the blockchain technology, medical devices, artificial intelligence industry etc..

Figure – voice

Xu Xiaoping suspected back: the investment currency almost zero, micro-blog has no blockchain content

Real angel investment fund founder, co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping suspected withdraw money ring, the micro-blog has no block chain or currency related content, and the beginning of the blockchain clarify micro-blog also disappeared. Public information, block chain project Xu Xiaoping and real investment funds in addition to IOST, DATA, EDU, YEE, MDT etc. some tokens the largest decline of 99%, currency price almost zero.

The chairman of the SEC have been identified: bitcoin does not have the attributes of securities

At the Consensus Invest conference, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton said, distributed books with incredible technology in terms of infrastructure prospects, with incredible commitment in the stock market outside. Clayton said: “SEC is the research on how to improve the supervision of the encryption space in the protection of investors under the circumstances. Go to the center of the assets like bitcoin, no one is to control the bitcoin and create it, it is designed for payment system alternatives, SEC has determined that bitcoin does not have the attributes of securities. “

Economic Information Daily: block chain financial regulation will upgrade technology

A recent series of regulators sound, released to the market of financial supervision will upgrade the technology of signal. On the one hand, science and technology will be more use in the regulation, on the other hand, for a large technology company financial business supervision will be more stringent, and real-time intervention. Insiders said that the financial science and technology has become the key areas of the layout of the financial resources. The application block chain, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence technology, brings new opportunities for financial innovation and the development of new technology, but some distorted, large technology companies risk phenomenon is also a huge challenge to the financial security. The relationship between financial supervision technology needs to balance innovation and risk prevention.

Zhao Dong: Bitfinex 1:1 USD is that “lift the acceptance of stable currency” is not stable”

Zhao Dong Bo said: my personal understanding of the Bitfinex USD 1:1 acceptance release: This is the Bitfinex that “stable currency” is not “stable”, which is a great progress. In the history of money, whether it is the dollar for gold or had to anchor the HK dollar anchor, never really “monetary stability”!

 The daily planet | Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform; release passes fire currency management rules; Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

Bloomberg: the collapse of the real virtual currency currency crisis like a beleaguered

Performance of virtual currency since the beginning of this year is not only like a bubble, looks more like a currency attack. Bitcoin is not the central bank as a support, a tolerance of bitcoin this movement explanation: bitcoin will be a close contact with the community together to protect their investment. The hedge fund GLG Partners manager Raoul Pal said before, bitcoin fell below $6000 before the exchange rate peg trend. If the defense is broken, regulators also found the investigation evidence of price fixing, so this year will sell not just cyclical bear market.

Department of Commerce: the World Trade Organization report focus on the future of the international trade chain block effect

The World Trade Organization (WTO) released the “block chain could revolutionize international trade? “After the report, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce published an article said, the report pointed out that the application of block chain technology contributes to Global trade to accelerate the paperless direction transition, help to speed up the establishment of a credit system to pay global, reduce transaction costs, improve the level of trade facilitation, and can further increase the transparency of the global supply chain. To help small and medium enterprises into the global market. At the same time, according to the report, in the field of international trade chain block application technology is also facing some urgent challenges, including the extension of technology and compatibility, security, block chain platform can integrate the use of legal loopholes in supervision, etc..

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 The daily planet | Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform; release passes fire currency management rules; Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

 The daily planet | Coinbase launched the OTC trading platform; release passes fire currency management rules; Bitfinex USDT 1:1 USD to cancel the exchange strategy

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