The daily planet | report shows that 11 month ICO raising the amount of decline in 97.5%; the Mentougou stock exchange or CEO will be 10 years; apple App Store for the first time to promote the blockchain game

 The daily planet | report shows that in November ICO fell 97.5% in the amount of funds; the Mentougou stock exchange or CEO will be 10 years; apple App Store for the first time to promote the blockchain game

The headlines

Diar report: November ICO amount of funds fell 97.5%

The Diar report shows that this year ICO is high in February, the total amount of funds was raised to $2 billion 600 million, while in November, only $65 million, down 97.5%.

Digital currency

Bloomberg News: at the beginning of the CFTC review, the etheric Fang futures may be stagnant

According to Bloomberg, regulators in the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said on Tuesday that the digital currency as the world’s third most valuable, the etheric Fang there are still some fundamental problems, which inhibits people think the etheric Fang futures upcoming optimism in a certain extent. CFTC said in a statement, plans to seek public feedback on the etheric Fang, in order to better understand the similarities and differences in bitcoin. The agency listed some problems about Ethernet square. Previously, the United States SEC William Hinman has said that he believes the etheric is not Fang securities; CFTC said Tuesday that William Hinman’s comments only personal views.

Fire currency response data for the false information disclosure:

Fire currency official said that recently, some media on currency reaction, the emergence of the so-called “fire currency network real name authentication account” in the sale of the onion Network Anonymous screenshots, now clarify as follows: after verification, the anonymous materials for false materials, the content is not real, fire currency does not appear so-called data leakage phenomenon reported by the relevant parties; that does not exclude competitors deliberately discredit rumors, now I have mastered the relevant evidence, do not rule out taking legal means to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.

Google Japan in 2019 defined class combination search rankings: “virtual currency is what” topped the list

According to Asahi news reports, Google released in 12 (Japan) this year’s search rankings. Combination charts are often used in the search for “the specific definition”, “what is the virtual currency” (virtual currency and WA) in the first row, “what is bitcoin ranked third.

Japanese prosecutors on the Mentougou stock exchange CEO sentenced to 10 years in prison

According to Japan’s Kyodo news, Japanese prosecutors on the Mentougou stock exchange CEO Mark Karpeles sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Leave India, suspected plans to enter the European market exchange Zebpay

The Reserve Bank of India’s ban on encryption currency exchange Zebpay closed in September in India province business. As previously reported, Zebpay then set up a new company in Malta and Singapore, may be planning to enter the European market. The site in December 10th to increase the list of issues related to the European KYC and bank verification etc.. In December 11th, Zebpay has added a “FAQ Euro deposits and withdrawals” basic, guiding users to understand the deposit and withdrawal process, seems to confirm the report.

Media: Kraken is considering launching private, valuation of 40 billion dollars

According to Finance Magnates reported that Kraken encryption currency exchange is considering a private placement, the company to the customer sent an email to inform them of the investment opportunities. In the e-mail to the customer, the company said it plans to issue stock valuation of $4 billion, the minimum investment is $100 thousand. Kraken will assess the potential investors, whether they are eligible to participate in investment.

Block chain industry

Alipay will be realized by PET block chain technology anti lost function

12 11, the first for Alipay through the brush face electronic dog card was born in Guangzhou. It is reported that the future Alipay will be through the block chain technology to achieve anti lost pet, let more people to experience the warm dog convenient life brought by technology.

Apple App Store for the first time to promote the blockchain game

Block chain game Augmentors apple App Store promotion, this is apple App Store for the first time to promote the game based on block chain technology.

Bloomberg: Softbank or NVIDIA will sell shares in the next year

According to sources, Softbank plans early next year to sell the NVIDIA shares. However, Softbank has not yet made a final decision, there is likely to continue to retain these shares, or is only part of the shares sold. Softbank and NVIDIA’s spokesman declined to comment on this news. At present, NVIDIA shares have dropped 48% from the peak. Informed sources said that the share price fell sharply to Softbank tend to cut its stake. In November, NVIDIA lowered the expected fourth quarter results, due to its weak currency mining game department and encryption chip demand continued to decline.

Media: Maddison sold the subsidiary company of 51% shares, the acquirer or legal entity for Bitmex

In December 11th, Maddison announced the potential sale items, will sell the Madison Lab Limited HDR Cadenza Management 51% stake to Limited (HDR), which also owns 67.2% stake in Bitocean in a 51% interest. It is a new surface two industry joint acquisition move, but insiders that ownership structure of HDR is almost identical with that of BITMEX, whereas BITMEX is restricted to industry capital operation in its own organization, HDR can be regarded as the legal entity.

IBM will be in sub Saharan Africa south of the test block chain agricultural system

IBM on Tuesday announced the latest block chain planning, in cooperation with the Nigeria agricultural company Hello Tractor, the goal was to test the distributed ledger Technology (DLT) crop management system will help drive the sub Saharan farmers reduce the current high post harvest losses. IBM explained that the blockchain solutions can help agricultural personnel by receiving relevant weather conditions, fertilizer and cultivation of relevant data to easily plan crop harvest.

Global policy

Shijiazhuang city issued a document, using the block chain technology to establish a credit evaluation system based on Supply Chain

In December 12th, the office of the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s government issued the “opinions on promoting innovation and application of supply chain”. “Opinions” pointed out that Shijiazhuang city will strengthen the credit supervision, strengthen the credit rating, credit records, risk warning, illegal acts of dishonesty and other information disclosure and sharing, use block chain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, establish credit evaluation system based on supply chain. Involved in all aspects of the supply chain integration of market access, customs, quality inspection and other policies to strengthen the supply chain risk management, innovation management mechanism, promote the healthy and stable development of the supply chain.

The South Korean government next year will invest nearly 6 trillion won in the national information industry chain, the block allocated 0.12%

12 month 12 days, South Korean Ministry of information and communication technology (MSIT) announced that next year, the South Korean government will invest 5 trillion and 788 billion 300 million won in the national information industry ($5 billion 100 million), compared to this year to increase investment in 9.2%. National information technology projects in support of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, networking, block chain technology, which block chain is expected to invest 72 billion won (about 0.12% of total investment).

Holland’s central bank hopes to prevent money laundering through encryption supervision company

According to CCN reports, the Central Bank of Holland De Nederlandsche Bank hopes the encryption companies obtain a license to regulate such companies. The central bank said the measures to prevent money laundering and the use of encryption currency to fund terrorism. I hope to obtain a license to encryption companies must report unusual transactions, and know their customers.

The UAE central bank governor: the UAE and Saudi Arabia have begun to use digital currency for common development

According to Reuters news, the UAE central bank governor said the UAE and Saudi Arabia have begun to use digital currency joint development strategic plan, while working on the financial technology, the program will get the support of the legal and regulatory framework.

Investment and financing

Japanese venture capital company set up 40 billion yen scale fund will be used to block chain enterprise investment etc.

The Japanese company Global Brains announced the establishment of venture capital for overseas start-ups 40 billion yen scale investment fund in early 2019. The company CEO Lily Moto Yasuhiko said, new funds for investment quota of each company was 15 billion yen investment targets including AI, block chain, enterprise financial technology, agriculture and other fields.

Block chain platform OweMe for seed fund million Pi Ventures100

B2B money supply chain management platform OweMe in London from Pi Ventures to raise the $1 million seed round. Banks and large corporate buyers claims to improve the profitability of the OweMe will use the money to develop products and expand the team. It is understood that the OweMe is based on a block chain platform, allows banks and companies to provide faster capital. Pi Ventures was founded by Manish Singhal and Umakant Soni, usually invest in artificial intelligence and based on the Internet of things (IoT) early start-ups.

Figure – voice

The chairman of the SEC of DLT investment opportunities optimistic

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton said this week that he is “optimistic” that the distributed technology (DLT) helps to promote capital formation and development “”. Clayton added that DLT provides a promising investment opportunities for institutional and retail investors”. Clayton stressed that SEC is “a lot of attention and resources on the ICO and distributed books Technology (DLT) and digital assets.”

Coingeek founder: BSV future never bifurcation

Coingeek founder Calvin Ayre tweeted that large-scale expansion plans of BSV show that the future will never happen bifurcation, and will be completed during the year a stress test, and hope to create the largest block of records. BSV has always been the government and business friendly representative.

Meng Yan: the difficulty passes economy is the economic system design

Said CSDN vice president Meng Yan held today at the 2018 Hainan “Internet plus” innovation and entrepreneurship Festival, we are now in the industry chain is a turning point, block off the virtual reality, more and more people are concerned about how to help the development of the real economy chain block. Passes through the economic and financial incentive card passes through two steps, the first card financing is wrong. Meng Yan suggested that companies can pass a small card, passes mainly through integral card, the user community and business oriented games. He also said that the economy is the economic difficulties through card system design, if the economic system design, help enterprise development.

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