The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

星球日报 | 韩国推迟对ICO禁令的裁决;淡马锡组建区块链和人工智能方向新团队;OKCoin获菲律宾牌照

The headlines

Chairman of the Korean national policy committee: South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling to December

South Korea’s national policy committee chairman Min Bingdou said that government efforts to block the chain and ICO public hearings in December of the national assembly, to discuss the ICO ban, but is unlikely to make a decision before the end of November. After the South Korean regulators have been “the possibility of regulation ICO” asked blockchain legal and business experts, and that will update the position in November.

Digital currency

“Bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion” Baidu hot search list

In November 22nd, “bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion” Baidu hot search, the search volume ranked first, reaching nearly 500 thousand. Since this year, bitcoin has lost 1 trillion and 600 billion of its value of rmb.

 The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

Report: BCH new version of ABC reduce the deep restructuring risk, but increase the risk chain division consensus

BitMEX Research said in a report, the 0.18.5 version of the BCH ABC of the new rolling block “check points”, to reduce the risk of deep restructuring, but the risk chain consensus split increase, and provide new opportunities for potential miners attack. In addition, the new system will increase the damage caused by the miners to attack, but will reduce the potential return of such behavior. The new version made fundamental changes to the system, but it is not clear whether this change is the net benefit.

NChain group CEO: battle is far from over, unless the ABC run out of ammunition and food supplies

NChain Jimmy group CEO Nguyen said, “SV and ABC of the war is still in progress, we do not believe that a war is winning depends only on the short-term through” rent “is to decide. Other sources of bitcoin ABC cloud mining user is leveraging force and “leasing” work force, to burn a lot of money to subsidize or “rent” is to support for the BCH hash value, but we don’t do that. Once the “rent” is evacuated, SV will be in a leading position. A war could end in a different way, the day is not run out of ammunition and food supplies at the end of the war days.”

OKCoin won the Philippines government licence

OKCoin digital asset trading platform has received Philippines government financial technology and virtual currency exchange business license, and compliance to provide services for users in Philippines.

Modified Coinbase procedure, detailed disclosure of their profits of the insider trading by BCH

Recently, according to a Coinbase filed a new revision of collective action, the insider revealed more about insiders last December Coinbase how to use BCH to profit. The document on November 20th submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the document outlines why the plaintiff that “Coinbase on the launch of bitcoin cash made false and deceptive statements”; how to exchange cash resulting in bitcoin prices soar down bitcoin prices; how to Coinbase insider listed bitcoin cash claim to the sale of the other tokens in front of customers. The lawsuit said: “because of this plan, make Coinbase a large amount of money from their customers, Coinbase won the BCH inflated price difference from, and avoid the company’s” run”. The seller was eager to use the inflated price, at the close of trading after the release of the minutes, and some internal staff on this issue during the BCH sell high profits.

Because bitcoin investment fell sharply, gray nearly two weeks of losses over $400 million

In the past couple of weeks, digital currency the world’s largest investment Asset Management Co gray (Grayscale) over the loss of 4 billion dollars. Where most of the losses due to the recent bitcoin fell sharply. It is reported that bitcoin investment trust funds held by the gray of the net to fall from $1 billion 275 million in November 13th to $893 million this Wednesday.

 The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

Media: virtual currency market insurance underwriting amount is expected to exceed 6600 billion yen

The virtual currency has become one of the main targets of criminals, the insurance service providers is to enter the virtual currency industry important institutional investors. At present, the virtual currency service industry insurance coverage is about 660 billion yen (about $5 billion 800 million). Coinbase is the main exchange application of huge amounts of insurance, since 2013, the times to buy virtual currency has insurance, or have access to about $250 million in damages.

Block chain industry

Temasek Xizheng to form a new team to explore the block chain and artificial intelligence

According to an internal memo shows that Singapore Temasek Holdings is forming a new team (the so-called “experimental class”), exploration of artificial intelligence and block chain technology. The two technique is a long-term trend of multiple industries and regions. It is reported that the company’s chief operating officer Xie Songhui (Chia Song Hwee) will be responsible for the supervision of the new group.

China Ru Town Industrial Park was formally established traceability chain block

Recently Chinese Ru Town Industrial Park block chain traceability ceremony in a tourist town of Ru held block chain industrial park by the Ministry of culture and tourism Chinese architectural culture will block chain Specialized Committee and Ruzhou City Ru e-commerce Industrial Park Management Committee is set up, following the Hainan province foreign award after a block chain industrial park, is a national the first block chain technology for Ru and other products traceability open application scene blockchain industrial park.

Data show: Hangzhou new first-tier cities to block chain attention from peak to sink

During the period from January 2018 to October, the new first-tier cities search volume data on the block chain five display technology, new first-tier cities on the blockchain attention more than other techniques, showing a peak and slid the cooling trend in this year. The new first-tier cities in Hangzhou, the blockchain attention maintained the lead in 7 to 9 months dropped. Continue to pull chaos in the field of digital currency, or aggravate the degree of concern for Hangzhou block chain decline.

Blizzard department admission block chain game

The composition of Mythical Games announced yesterday by executives and employees before the blizzard, Activision and YAHOO in the EOS development’s first multiplayer game based on PlayBankos, is expected to be launched in 2019.

Global policy

UK financial conduct authority will clarify the supervision of gray edge encryption before the end of the year”

The UK financial conduct authority (FCA) competition strategy and executive director Christopher Woolard said, it is necessary to clarify the existing encryption gray edge within the scope of regulation “”. FCA before the end of this year will have the edge encryption assets for consultation, the Ministry of Finance on whether to transfer the edge of subsequent consultations.

Luoyuan county Party Secretary: Luoyuan will focus on the development of the digital economy, block chain and other key areas

Fuzhou’s Luoyuan county Party Secretary He Jiemin said in an interview recently, Luoyuan will strive to 2020 Luoyuanwan billion Harbour City early scale. The further implementation of the tertiary industry jump action, seize the development opportunities of digital economy, focus on big data, networking, Qu Kuailian and other key areas, the introduction of a number of industry leading enterprises, steadily improve the digital economy proportion of the county’s economy.

The Singapore authorities for block chain practitioners to provide seed capital

In order to block chain ecosystem development in Singapore, information communication media development authority of Singapore (IMDA) is to provide seed money for the blockchain industry participants, to develop special interests, connecting block chain solutions provider and other related service provider platform.

Figure – voice

Fish F2Pool co-founder: halve the number of bitcoin ecosystem has little effect

F2Pool co-founder of the pond Mao recently said in an interview, the number of bitcoin is expected in 2020 will be halved, but bitcoin ecosystem effects on the half flagship encryption currency is not.

Wan Hui: what M3 co-founder pond had burned off, 15 million

Primitive co-founder Hui Wan on twitter said, co-founder of the pond is shutting down what M3, in what M3 mill have burned about 15 million.

 The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

Foreign media: digital currency tumbled 5 reasons

The recent digital currency fell sharply for five main reasons: 1. unregulated infrastructure and exchange is a risk, most of the digital currency transactions in the United States outside the exchange, with little or no supervision; 2. regulators are hit, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently increased the penalties for illegal ICO. 3.BCH bifurcation for BCHABC and BCHSV, causing confusion in the market; 4. Ethernet square and most other networks are subject to technical problems, these problems make their tokens are difficult to use in real world trade; 5. the government can more effectively manage the digital currency, the central bank may issue more digital currency, which will non government bad tokens.

Hong Hao: bitcoin is a classic liquidity fuelled liquidity tightening with modern tulips, withered

Bocom international research director Hong Hao micro-blog said, bitcoin fell to 4000, has been lower than the cost of mining, triggering stop winding. A classic liquidity fuelled liquidity tightening with modern tulips, withered. Previously, he worked at micro-blog said bitcoin price bubble price curve curve and the interpretation of a classic path of astonishing anastomosis.

 The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

Zhao Dong: the root cause of bitcoin is falling, currency speculators withdraw capital outflows

Dfund fund sponsors Zhao Donggang micro-blog published on the recent bitcoin slump in view, he said: “the fundamental reason bitcoin fell is certainly not hard BCH bifurcation, the fundamental reason is the withdrawal of currency speculators, the outflow of funds, the market was hard to bear, bifurcation just a market fall excuse. There is no hard bifurcation, bitcoin will also fall. But for true love bitcoin people, or anything good? Anyway, not to sell bitcoin. The speculators are scared, no one robbed bitcoin, a good thing ah.”

 The daily planet | South Korea to postpone ICO ban ruling; Temasek building block chain and artificial intelligence new team; OKCoin won the license in Philippines

BitPay chief culture Officer: next year or the year bitcoin legalization

BitPay chief culture officer Sonny Singh said in an interview, the bitcoin is very optimistic and believe that bitcoin in the first quarter of next year and the second quarter can reach 15000 to $20000. Even in a bear market, but also insisted that bitcoin is the future, the price is not so important, important is happening behind the scenes. He also said bitcoin is not fraud, next year may be bitcoin legalize a year, such as fidelity launch of new financial products, Bakkt futures contracts, as well as Coinbase IPO have proved this point.

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