The daily planet | the Hong Kong stock exchange or the introduction of blockchain clearing system; suspected Facebook upcoming digital currency products; bit, closed this week Israel Development Center

 The daily planet | the Hong Kong stock exchange or the introduction of blockchain clearing system; suspected Facebook upcoming digital currency products; bit, closed this week Israel Development Center

The headlines

Li Xiaojia: the first mention of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on data exchange, Shanghai and Hong Kong through the introduction of the North block chain to trading or clearing system

According to the Securities Daily reports, HKEx chief executive officer Li Xiaojia attended the forum that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange next year to start a new 3 year strategic plan, first proposed to consider the establishment of the world first data exchange, and that the new rules “, due to the external environment Born Under A Bad Sign” for the global economy, Sino US trade friction and other challenges, the new economy stocks have been listed performance is not satisfactory, I believe the future of “bad days”. Also called, HKEx will cooperate with the mainland, in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the north to the transaction, or the introduction of blockchain clearing system.

Digital currency

Analysis: the real reason bitcoin slump is American investors to sell to pay capital gains tax

The real reason bitcoin plummeted or because of American investors to sell to pay capital gains tax. According to the Smartereum report, the first investment bitcoin investors will face huge profits in 2017 the capital gains tax, the tax is now in April before the rapid sell-off.

Report: Bithumb seems to indirectly lead to the recent bitcoin fell

CryptoCompare recently reported, Bithumb seems to have indirectly contributed to the recent bitcoin fell. This is because a few months it seems to artificially support bitcoin transactions, which delayed the decline may occur a long time ago. The report said, although suffered hacker attacks and the acquisition failed, but after that, the Korea stock exchange daily trading volume has been ahead of other encryption currency exchange, in the period from October to November, trading volume continued to soar. During this period, the average daily sales of about Bithumb of $1 billion 240 million, which means that the turnover increased a staggering 284%. In the meantime, Bithumb by organizing a variety of promotional activities and trade competition, the trading volume is so high. While bitcoin fell below $6000 for the first time is at the end of a promotion after Bithumb.

Audit report: TureUSD dollars in mortgage banking assets balance of approximately $195 million

The audit report issued eighteenth copies of Cohen&Co TrueUSD secured $bank account. The report shows that as of November 30, 2018, TureUSD secured in the bank’s dollar assets amounted to $195050843.

Venezuelan President Putin suggested that Petro can be used to buy oil

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro during his meeting with Putin suggested to Putin that he can buy oil by Petro. Last year, Putin had personally studied the blockchain technology, he told his officials to use block chain, because he believed that the first control technology will become the center of professional knowledge.

Block chain industry

Bit, this week to close its R & D center of Israel

According to globes reports, the bit, this week officially closed its R & D center in Israel, 23 employees of all local severance. It is reported that the R & D center led by Gadi Glikberg was established in 2016, due to the recent bad situation in the market, the R & D center had to face the dissolution.

The thunder in the legal level stripping chain let buy high chain grams and play off cloud investors bear huge losses

According to the hive financial News reported that in September this year, the thunder will be sold to the Fujian business chain G company operations, formal and “coins” cutting. The lawyer pointed out that ignoring the interests of users, the thunder unilateral transfer business chain g acts alleged breach of contract. Buy high chain grams and play off cloud investors trapped in double currency prices plummeted, hardware under. Investors have a loss of nearly 6 million yuan, by the sale of second-hand goods in some hardware platform.

The blockchain insurance claims, invoices for reimbursement of landing in Zhejiang Guangdong

In December 10th, the country’s first single chain block claims, the first “one-stop” blockchain electronic invoices were born in Zhejiang Taizhou, Guangdong Guangzhou, were introduced behind the ants block chain technology.

Maddison holdings invested 1 billion 680 million yen to buy Japanese virtual currency exchange BITOCEAN

Hong Kong listed companies Madison Holdings (08057) issued a notice to 2018 years 12 months 9 days, the company’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Madison Lab Limited as the buyer to the seller signed the share purchase agreement, the acquisition of BITOCEAN Co.Ltd the total issued share capital of 67.2%, the total cost will be 16.8 billion yen (about 1.16 billion). Announcement shows that the Target Corp belongs to one of Japan’s financial services agency registered 16 virtual currency trading platform operators, complete the registration in December 26, 2017, approved to carry out the virtual currency in Japan (mainly for bitcoin exchange business).

Facebook is looking for a plurality of block chain related positions, suspected the upcoming digital currency products

Facebook on its website recruitment page issued a 5 block chain related positions, including director of product marketing position aroused great concern, because the position is usually start hiring in the upcoming launch of products. Job description said: “we are looking for an experienced leader to establish and manage a new product marketing team, focus on exploring the opportunity to bring the blockchain.” While the qualification includes payment products or blockchain experience”.

Busan city will establish a virtual power plant based on block chain

According to Yonhap reported that South Korea announced that the city of Busan, through the national competition selection, the city will build a virtual power plant block chain project.

Global policy

The South Korean Congress for the first time on the encryption currency debate

In December 10th, several members of Congress of national assembly in South Korea, South Korea Upbit, Bithumb and several other exchange executives together encryption currency held its first official debates. The debate points include: encryption currency transactions to establish transparency and efficiency, and the importance of encryption currency transactions in the importance of establishing the regulatory framework.

The Japanese Senate requirements for virtual currency levy tax separation 20%

The Japanese Senator Tomaki Kenshi launched the “change virtual currency system meeting, conference on tax reform put forward a four point proposal: 1. changes from a comprehensive assessment of the maximum rate of 55% for 20% 2. separation tax deductible; carryover loss; 3. virtual currency transactions tax exemption; 4. small settlement is not taxed. In addition, the meeting called for “supporters” signed and submitted to congress.

Russian media: Russian State Duma plan at the end of this year through the encryption monetary regulation bill

According to the Russian industry and the encryption block chain association (RACIB) official telegraph group news, the Russian State Duma Financial Markets Committee Chairman Aksakov announced during the international forum, the State Duma plan at the end of this year through the encryption monetary regulation bill. But he did not specify what particular items are discussed. The State Duma is discussing 3-9 bills, some of which relates to the field of regulatory chain blocks.

India will launch a virtual currency or government support

Appointed by the government of India drafted a set of encryption currency standard group to the Minister of finance report yesterday. The team from the India Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg leadership, the team will be in the 12 month “review the draft report and virtual currency bill”. The sources said, taking into account the global development of the virtual currency, the team might propose virtual currency government support.

British financial regulators may prohibit the retail customer encryption CFD

The UK financial conduct authority issued announcement suggestions for CFDs (CFD) currently sold to retail customers including models are modified and require the company to leverage and incentive measures to eliminate the limits of the contract monetary and non monetary transactions, to encourage the intention. Encryption currency, FCA hopes to completely ban CFDs in retail oriented.

The Israeli tax bureau to encrypt money investors do not have to pay income tax for a ticket

In the past period of time, the Israeli tax bureau (ITA) without warning to engage in encryption assets trading or investment but did not pay income taxes drove hundreds of tax tickets. In the field of Israeli law, encryption currency is regarded as financial assets. This means that the encryption currency owner must pay the tax 25-30%.

Figure – voice

The Macao Cong responded to BSV vulnerable to attack Shuanghua rumors, said it would take legal action

Australia (Craig S Wright) the Cong tweets said, “we may need to take legal action against those who publish false statement. These confirmed the attack on zero lies in Britain belongs to market manipulation. In the UK issued a false statement is a felony.” After the news, a researcher has released a video in a video site, BSV remind investors may suffer double attack.

Person in charge: the blockchain Tianfeng securities market to the “bottom” signal for mine shutdown, medium exchange failures, stable currency credit collapse

Tianfeng securities blockchain Research Center Director Xu Kun said, as long as compliance is done well, the block chain market is very promising. An extreme case is the future development of it: mine all the downtime, small and medium-sized exchanges are closed, only the giant. The third signal is stable. When the stable currency credit collapse, when we all want to take money out, it’s time to sell digital currency. If the three signals appear, is the bottom of the.

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