The daily planet | the United States House of Representatives proposed two encryption currency bill; ETH continued to decline, the lowest level in nearly 19 months

 The daily planet | the United States House of Representatives proposed two encryption currency bill; ETH continued to decline, the lowest level in nearly 19 months

The headlines

The United States House of Representatives proposed two encryption currency bill, to protect consumers and maintain the competitiveness of the United States

The United States House of Representatives proposed two encryption currency bill, bill no method is given to achieve the goal, but the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recommendations. The first term is the “Consumer Protection Act” encryption currency, hope CFTC to make report of encryption possibility of currency price manipulation and its impact on the economy. The second is “2018 American encryption currency market and regulatory competition act”, to ensure that the United States to remain competitive in the industry. The bill to ask CFTC to foreign encryption regulation comparative study, then proposed regulatory changes in the United states.

Digital currency

ETH continued to decline, the lowest level in nearly 19 months

Coinmarketcap display market, ETH continued to decline, 24h traded at $84.63, a decline of 17.48%, continued to brush the nearly 19 month low.

 The daily planet | the United States House of Representatives proposed two encryption currency bill; ETH continued to decline, the lowest level in nearly 19 months

The United States SEC VanEck/SolidX bitcoin ETF decided the date postponed to February 27, 2019

According to a ruling published online, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) VanEck/SolidX bitcoin ETF review period is extended to February 27, 2019. First, the proposal submitted by the fund management company VanEck and the blockchain startup SolidX, which earlier this year and Cboe exchange cooperation.

The IRS (IRS) or received a record number of encryption and currency related tax declaration

Bitcoin tax software developer Node40 is expected, the IRS (IRS) this year or will receive a record associated with currency return encryption application, because the agency expects that many investors will decide to declare the loss. Encryption currency prices fell sharply against the 2018 investors, investors now have a strong motive for activities related to their report of encryption currency transactions to the authorities, and other tax losses offset. However, Node40 warned that it might have a long-term effect on investors. For example, if a person reporting the amount of loss is particularly large, they are likely to be asked about money.

Economic Daily: to guard against illegal securities issued a stirring among the dry bones

Economic daily dispatch said, whether it is the so-called blockchain stock issue, is the first virtual currency, or securitization tokens upgraded version of the issue, the “Securities innovation” are the essence of illegal financial activities. One is the price of virtual currency can easily lead to huge market risk; the second is the virtual currency fraud hidden risk of fraud; the third is the lack of appropriate management of credit risk. What is more serious is that the virtual currency project and the real economy from the capital off the real to the potential risk of false. Specification for securitization token distribution market, should be legal, publicity, investor protection and other aspects.

Block chain industry

UnitedCorp filed a lawsuit against Roger, Ver, bit

Headquartered in Miami, United American Corp (“UnitedCorp”) (OTC: UAMA) announced today that it had to start bit, litigation,, Roger Ver, Kraken bitcoin exchange and other individuals, through an elaborate plan to control BCH network to seek personal interests, damage to the joint company and other BCH stakeholders.

2345 block chain project almost shut down, involving false propaganda pinzao rights

2345 (002195.SZ) block chain project – Star Alliance renewed turmoil. Recently, more than the octopus planet (hardware terminal products under the Star Alliance ecological agents) and individual users to 2345 headquarters in Shanghai, said the octopus planet suspected of false propaganda, request a return. The octopus star product sales difficult, previously responsible for docking operations and agent sales director has left, and no successor and contact the business agent, the project almost shut down. Due to the alleged 2345 RMB, has recently cut the star alliance with digital currency. Block chain planet passes the octopus eco – Stars (STC) in the Star Alliance App has been unable to query related information, products and services 2345 website page, could not find any of the stars or the octopus star alliance.

RusGas project scam: eight days cast hundreds of billions of tokens, the price is almost zero dilution

The company’s safety and Development Canada MonitorChain said the discovery of a Hoax: RusGas (RGS) project was originally issued by ICO 10 billion tokens, however, the 11 month 28 days, the company made 100 billion tokens, the dilution of the original supply. In a few hours, these tokens were Crex24 and sold to the Russian stock exchange. In the past 8 days, the company is casting 8500 billion extra RGS tokens, is about 86 times the original supply. These tokens are dumped in Crex24, there are currently 220 billion selling single. A large supply of RGS makes the price dropped to the bottom, near zero.

Global policy

The UK financial conduct authority: To review encryption currency CFDs in the first quarter of 2019

The UK financial conduct authority (FCA) today released for retail trade declaration. In the initial proposal to temporarily restrict CFDs about two years later, the British authorities are proposing these measures will be permanent. The UK financial conduct authority that will review encryption currency CFDs in the first quarter of 2019. Earlier this year, FCA made it clear that the plan will be restricted in the field of digital currency issuing cash transactions.

Hongkong: the HKMA has refused to part of the virtual bank applicant, for the first quarter of next year to start licensing

The Hongkong Monetary Authority said, has refused to part of the virtual bank applicant. The selection of a part of the virtual banking licence applicants to enter the next round of review, for the first quarter of next year to start licensing.

Figure – voice

Yang Ning’s good friend Yang Ning: “Professor Zhang Shousheng crushed his” three mountains “” one article issued a personal statement

Angel investor Yang Ning today on the “Professor Zhang Shousheng’s good friend Yang Ning: crushed his” three mountains “issued a personal statement said:” the 1. articles from the circle of friends, to whom I belong to the forward, I don’t know; 2. the authors claim to Dan Hua fund LP, the people did not participate in the fund investment; 3. not with my contact is the headline in the release of false statements, written by the people I don’t know why, not to mention that the professor’s good friend, please don’t be misled readers; on the 4. forwarding, I agree with some points, Dan capital investment involved blockchain tokens, the professor team behavior cannot be completely controlled, subsequent investment project problems, as the responsible professor or responsible for the activities of the team, his displeasure as can be imagined! The other point I declined to comment.

V released CBC Casper tutorial and God said to explain it

Today God V twitter said: “I was trying to explain CBC Casper”, and attach their site CBC Casper tutorials.

Australia: the Cong bitcoin is an economic model, the survival of the fittest

Australia this tweet said Cong again, if bitcoin is unable to realize the chain expansion, it is impossible to achieve its commitment to safety, especially in the economics concept. Bitcoin is an economics model, only one can survive. In order to win the biggest block, in 2019 will reach gigabit.

Joseph Young: bitcoin fell not because ETF was postponed

Encryption currency analyst Joseph Young on twitter said: bitcoin ETF VanEck decided to date was delayed until February (next year) is expected, this is not the reason of bitcoin prices fell.

Zhao Changpeng: registered “BUIDL” trademark damage Coinbase reputation, may take legal action

Zhao Changpeng forwarded to the users of Coinbase for “BUIDL” trademark comment: “are you serious? I’m sure the coin ANN has been using that word, but Coinbase never even mentioned the word again on twitter.” He replied, “we focus on the actual construction, rather than on paper work. I first saw the word HODL in other places, but do not remember is his first use of the word BUIDL. This is not important, but if they (Coinbase) to SAFU (bitcoin Security Investor Protection Fund) to engage in things, I will be angry!” He then sent a tweet, “angry” means will take legal action. He also said that the widespread use of trademark words, will only damage the reputation. After the news, Coinbase has submitted a “BUIDL” trademark application, the use of the trademark is “software as a service (SAAS) service trademark”.

The wave field of TRON founder Sun Yuchen initiated the proposal in the Committee

Today, the wave field of TRON founder Sun Yuchen initiated the proposal in the wave field TRON chain committee function, proposed to Energy increased from 50 billion to 250 billion, if the proposal is passed, it will greatly reduce the cost of the developer, to provide energy support for the majority of DAPP developers. Today, Sun Yuchen also sent micro-blog calls EOS and Ethernet developers lack of funds transferred to the square wave field network, wave field recently will set up more than $one hundred million bail-out fund and winter aid plan, willing to give, and that the developer is the block chain industry of the soul, the wave field is.

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