The Danish open CCEDK exchange transactions, has a reserve of 1 thousand coins

The Danish open CCEDK exchange transactions, has a reserve of 1 thousand coins

We reported last week that the Danish CCEDK encryption currency exchange launched on Monday. In order to improve the transparency of transactions, founder Ronny Boesing has raised 1000 bitcoin as start-up capital.

CCEDK is located in Denmark, in accordance with the Danish cultural tradition, to ensure the safety of users of funds and transparency. “Our biggest selling point is our customers know in what place, located in Denmark, everything is completely transparent. “Boesing told Businessweek. “We left a lawyer connection on the website, anyone if they think they need a lawyer, you can directly contact the lawyer. “

When released, the transaction currency including BTC and LTC, and EUR, USD, Fiat DKK, GBP and NOK. In a statement, Boesing said the Danish financial policy is very stable, zero corruption.

“I think it is fair, is the local environment for current and future encryption currency market is a very important factor, especially like Denmark, is now one of the world’s currency without restrictions on encryption few countries. “

According to BitLegal, “the legal regulatory restrictions on Denmark did not bitcoin virtual currency and. “The government said in the report” bitcoin transactions are legitimate, “the government said in March, bitcoin income is not taxed
Boesing also stressed that, in order to ensure transparency, exchange reserves: 30% of revenue for exchange reserves. “These are visible on the platform and timely update.”

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