The data show that bitcoin difficulty fell on the history of the second great

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According to the data provided by (BTC), bitcoin mining difficulty appeared on the history of the second relatively large decline, on Monday December 3rd appeared 15% adjustment.

The difficulty of hash algorithm bitcoin is usually adjusted once every two weeks, and this is bitcoin since mid November market crash encryption second adjustment, and bitcoin mining difficulty has gradually decreased.

In bitcoin mining difficult history, the biggest decline occurred in October 31, 2011, the adjustment of -18%, and in mid October 2011 appeared third decline (-13%).

According to CoinMarketCap data, before the recent adjustment of bitcoin mining difficulty, bitcoin market fell sharply, since November 14th, bitcoin prices fell more than 1/3. Financial experts will crash due to regulatory pressure, bitcoin hard cash and bifurcation, global market situation.

In September this year, Chinese encryption miner F2Pool CEO Shixing Mao disclosed the profitability of mining data, the data show that, due to a decrease in the degree of difficulty of mining, and encryption of devaluation, forcing miners to quit.

According to ShixingMao, bitcoin profit depends on the type of equipment and models, and the breakeven point in the $3891 to $11581, in the forecast, bitcoin transaction price of about $6400.

At the end of November last year, bitcoin fell sharply after a week, China miners began to sell the machine according to the weight, rather than according to the sale price. When the bitcoin price hovers around $4300. According to an article in F2Pool, the miners especially for the sale of the old models, including Antminer S7, Antminer T9 and Avalon A741 etc..

Bitcoin rebound occurred in the last week, barely maintained at around $4000, but in December 3rd, the world’s largest encryption currency collapse again. As of press time, bitcoin transaction price of $3887.09, down 7.22% in 24 hours.

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