The database does not kill the application server, and the block chain can not take over everything

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 The database does not kill the application server, the blockchain cannot take over.

With arcblock this morning the laomao exchange for an hour, he mentioned a few points I feel very interesting:

1. intelligent contract can develop the analogy in the database storage process. “.

The stored procedure database (Stored Procedure) is the two most successful usage, one is validator (a trigger validator), (trigger).

  • Validator is used to ensure that each field of data in a reasonable range, such as deposit payroll data, when I design the database to know in advance a staff monthly salary of more than 1 million, the deposit figures have a range of 0-100 million, ahead of time limit, illegal deposit in digital;

  • Trigger is used to trigger an action in some conditions. For example, the bank’s database, if a customer’s bank balance is less than 0, it will trigger a notification, tell the user bank going bankrupt. No previous trigger can again and again by polling the database, now with trigger, you can easily put some logic written into the database.

These two things come out of time, the industry was very excited, think this is a new generation of database, some people even think we don’t need the application server, all code written into the database. But today the fact that there is no alternative to the application server and database, it is very important to provide the infrastructure, but also many other above superimposed layers.

Analog block chain, intelligent storage contract is a natural development process. We once thought that last year, the etheric Fang to take over everything, all applications should run in the etheric workshop. But we all know today, intelligent contract is very useful, but most applications are in the chain, the chain block is just one component technology. But this does not hinder the greatness of the blockchain, like database in today is an irreplaceable position, but many of its market share will be applied. Now the block chain is difficult, but also because we try to let ordinary users directly in the database through the SQL statement to do the operation, interaction.

Note: the so-called “stored procedure”, refers to the large database system, a set of SQL statements in order to accomplish a specific function set, stored in the database, by calling without first compile again after the compiler, users specify the name of the stored procedure and gives the parameter (if the stored procedure with parameters). Execute it. The storage process is one of the most important objects in the database.

This definition is actually really like “smart contracts”.

Intelligent contract before 2. R3 had a human readable, equivalent to the compromise contract with intelligent current law can quickly bridging, is an interesting case.

R3 Corda is a distributed books, in 2016 it raised a very interesting innovation is the deployment of a contract in the chain, will also generate two parts: one is the machine understand understand machine code (machine-readable), is a human readable (human-readable) law clause.

Many people say that the smart contract rules written above the machine constraints, although can transfer operations such as enforced in the chain, but the real world and the law of the world map, or can not be guaranteed. The law may not recognize the intelligent online contract. R3 in order to solve this problem, at the same time make intelligent deployment contract to produce an effective legal contract, you can quickly solve the problem, and not until the law gradually perfect, clear out the law how smart contracts formulated.

This is an interesting attempt, just do not know now how about the progress of the.

3, the computer simulation of the real world and in human and technology, but will eventually adapt to each other to develop.

From the perspective of the development of the database, all data storage and maintenance can be placed on a computer, then slowly developed into a distributed scenario, we assume that these machines are trustworthy, with center unified scheduling, to now, we have slowly returned to these assumptions, the node is not credible in fact, more and more close to the reality of the real world.

But humans may also need to adapt to the development of technology of each other. This reminds me of an example: human cooperation organization in fact has been affected by the technology limited. We used to go to the development of the company’s unit, because financial technology can only support us to develop with the company of the unit, even if the organization compared with the traditional family, tribe, is a great innovation. Now we have a new technology, the organization also requires new changes.

If the future AI development to a certain extent, the block chain may be used as a powerful enough for our governance tool, these techniques do not guarantee the direction towards the danger.

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