The distribution of science and technology’s founder and CEO, was not just a block chain: Hongfei block chain technology itself, but the future of computing paradigm, a new social mode of writing “

11 in November 23, guided by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Association, Shanghai City People’s Government of Yangpu District, Shanghai City, Shanghai City, Yangpu District science and technology innovation center of science and Technology Commission, the national technology transfer association of Shanghai Eastern block chain technology center hosted a ceremony to start the first Yangtze block chain technology forum, distribution the founder and CEO of science and technology published a report entitled “Hongfei blockchain and trust society” speech.

As Hongfei shared a few applications in block chain distribution technology landing case, and share their block of chain technology in different stages of development, the blockchain technology value and trust social understanding.

The following is the distribution of science and technology’s founder and CEO, as for the speech:

Distinguished guests, good morning, very pleased to be a sponsor of the association, as an entrepreneur, able to stand here to share with you some of my knowledge and experience in this industry. Before starting my share, first I think our association name is particularly good, Shanghai block chain technology association. Here is the first attribute of Shanghai, Shanghai is a very magical city, the Yangtze River, by the sea, so Shanghai is not only a common economic center, it is a link connecting the eastern and Western Chinese and other areas, but also Chinese for all economies in the world window. Today we are in this building, I heard that a new name is called a block chain building, this building block chain is just very close to our Huangpu River, probably a few kilometers small position, the Huangpu River flows through the Yangtze River, flows through the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, finally together with the Pacific Ocean, together with other mainland. I feel able to do here in Shanghai block chain of this industry is a business, we honor this era, very honored to participate in this association initiated the establishment of.

So first I can say is thank the city, second city I think this position is very good, it is called a block chain Technology Association, just as Professor Ling Li said, when we do block chain business, we should regard myself as a what kind of enterprise, we are what attributes the enterprise, I believe in the block chain association in these members, these members, more is to put yourself and this thing positioning together, rather than the other speculative attributes, transaction attributes or financial position property together. We are gathered together to form collaborative collaborative technology, can get a lot of the technical progress and breakthrough.

I also hope that after by us start-ups in our association, our side of the building can be like a magnet, from Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, the country and even the world’s outstanding talent in the field, block chain companies are able to converge here, we rely on the association, we will have our own think tanks will have accelerators and incubators, will have their own funds. The supporting measures can help us start-ups like better and faster growth, the growth in the right direction.

I have talked about the association of some feelings, let me introduce my personal and our company, my name is da Hongfei, our company called Shanghai distribution Mdt InfoTech Ltd, as the name suggests, we are doing the distributed technology research and development. We have a slogan called credible data, the value of freedom, we hope to use the technology to construct some credible data, build trust enough to society, the various value free circulation.

Our company was established in 2016 years is about 12 months, up to now just two years, this year we also have some advantages and some small achievement. We made up of a variety of technology geeks and experts of the company, all of our code is developed, and is open source, you can find our products all the original code in the open source platform. We are behind in addition to our team, we have 3 outside shareholders, respectively, Fosun Group, Dan capital, Sequoia Capital (China).

In addition to these outside shareholders, we have some small honor. In the past two years, we are KPMG China 50 financial technology companies, only one block chain company. With us on this list are like ants take the great growth of gold financial companies or financial technology companies, we are a representative block of small industry chain. Second we also participated in many international and domestic standards of construction, including the blockchain reference architecture of the Ministry of construction, including the standard in ISO, ITU and other international electronic engineering field. At the same time we used to be a member of the Microsoft accelerator members, is the world’s largest chain block Hyperledger technology alliance, and is under the Ministry of the two standard units.

In the past few years, we have also done a variety of block chain applications landing case , because of the block chain industry asked the most is how to landing . For example, we are in Guiyang, do a Guiyang identity chain of things for the Guiyang government, it can bring people, money, and things, and the identity of the data line can become a digital identity chain, online, digital human, financial and material identification, identification of these unified management. This is we do Guiyang identity chain case. We participated in the construction of the sharing information platform of Shanghai city market in Shanghai, responsible for its underlying block chain structure. This is a bit like a hundred lines of credit model, for a variety of association, covering thousands of companies and occupation in the trusted data connection behind to open and share, and ultimately create a trust platform.

We have an alliance of chain products, this product is called the chain card, and some have the right qualifications of the judicial authentication institutions, some of them as the alliance chain node, when you bring up any electronic data, can save the data card to the chain, you the data can be mail can be electronic contract, may be the future of copyright, when you need a permit or judicial service service, find the corresponding identification mechanism, can automatically provide you with an electronic electronic certificate of deposit certificate. At the same time we do with UnionPay a trusted electronic voucher platform case.

Just talked about is our company to do some of the things we are now, all businesses are relying on the block chain of this technology, this technology, many people will ask, when will it be large-scale application, I think it can be divided into three stages. The first is the application of the earliest currency, when many people recognize the block the chain, learned from a chain block is called the bitcoin things come in. Block chain will be the first application in virtual currency, we see it gradually become mainstream in many countries, the central bank has their future electronic or digital currency idea, considering the use of block chain structure improvement. Secondly, after the application of the currency, we can use it in other aspects, all aspects of market exchange, a contract, we can use the original human language code agent contract, this thing called smart contracts, with smart contracts, we can not only for money programmable and manipulation, but the management of the whole economic activities. I can even put it into a social governance field, method of chain business just said, can be understood to some extent it is a new form of notarization service. The future in some field of power of our government may, for example, some countries have used block chain or the real estate property registration, can also be used in these areas. After the application of these areas, you can enter the stage of social programming available.

I often ask a question, in the end it’s the new blockchain technology where its true core value in what place. I have heard of a British science fiction, it has a so-called famous, it has three sections, the three sentence how to say? The invention before you were born all science, all the techniques are common, is a part of the old society. In the new technology you are 15-35 years old between, often you will think it is a innovation of technology, world technology, and you might even find your future occupation development in the technology direction. But once you 35 years after the invention of the technology, are likely to be against the human and nature, this is not acceptable.

We often heard in many engineers there, especially older engineers, they will say that the block chain technology is actually very common, not what is great, but the original cryptography technology, distributed computing technology together to form a new technical framework, but no new nature. In fact I agree with such a judgment, not wrong. But if we look back, we review the history of the Internet, 1995, 1997, was often a slogan, the Internet is the information superhighway, the implied meaning that it is a faster transmission of information tools, so many that the Internet can do more news from newspapers, magazines to the Internet, it spread faster, it may take us by mail, Telegraph on email, we communicate more efficiently. May the original phone can communicate things to communicate via QQ or instant messaging tool, many people think this is just.

But in retrospect, review the history of the development of the Internet over the past twenty years, we can clearly see that the Internet is not only an information superhighway, it can carry things to be much larger. I think the blockchain is the same, there are a lot of new technology in today, if you just look at the block chain three words in a narrow sense, is really a combination of old technology, but we will find many new technologies such as cryptography, some new advances, some security computing new progress, some application of distributed database development, will be on the block chain technology basket or umbrella or can be included in the inside. For example, the original is cryptography academic research a very small unknown field, now became very popular, a lot of cryptography in all parts of the world often speech professor. I saw in the past one or two years is not only a block chain block chain technology itself, but in the future we can see the new computing paradigm, a new social mode of writing “. Here, we should be able to see many interesting phenomena.

Finally, I trust in social thinking, often say it is a trust chain block machine, is to create or to transfer trust machines. But trust this thing is actually very expensive, we usually have three ways to gain trust, such as through the community, with your neighbours trust, or by law, when you the behavior is protected, you will have the trust of law. There is a technology trust, say you have a lock, others have no way to open it.

In the process of development, the first is certainly the social credit, in the primitive society, feudal society, even without sufficient legal circumstances, we are get through with other people in the neighborhood. People gradually invented a lot of social governance system and judicial system, we started to set up a legal system of trust. But today has a block chain, I think that the trust in the future for a long period of time will get faster development. The benefits of technology trust is its cost is very low, can put the original in the community trust to do things, in the legal trust in very expensive things, it will drop to a lower cost. My personal judgment is about our whole society in building trust in the cost of all transactions should be more than 50%, we paid to lawyers, paid to the accounting firm, and is paid to the national tax revenue, the middle part of a very large are used to build trust, security transaction, guarantee the execution of the contract, after so the technology of trust, I believe it will get rapid decline in trust cost. In the real world, trust also have a lot of pain, I no longer described.

Finally, make a very brief share, block chain can be used in any field, how can we get the blockchain application. I think some of the recent Sino US trade disputes under the background of the said this should be a good case. We don’t often accused the United States copyright protection for intellectual property rights, we compared contempt. In fact, there are a lot of reasons, because intellectual property protection is a very difficult thing, it is easy to steal, a lot of electronic documents, it is easy to be sold. You have to protect it, through the process of the traditional approach is very long, the cost is very high, once your copyright or digital assets is violated, burden of proof is difficult, even after the proof gives you the judgment to the cost of rights procedures are very complicated.

We believe that through the block chain technology, can the copyright protection can play a very big role, this is our vision in the future, what is the copyright protection in the distributed state. This form of protection not only can be used in digital copyright audio and video, articles, and even can be used in all kinds of your personal data assets in behind. You send in the social media in today’s article, your circle of friends photos, are actually some of your personal data assets, it is valuable in itself. A person you probably have no value, but you give social media like WeChat such a tool to produce value, how to manage the assets, this is our design model, to ensure that all of your data assets, all can obtain complete ownership of copyright. When you have the power to complete the confirmation, you will have a better market can flow to price it. This is the whole process, the above is my share today and think, thank you!


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