The dog coins and coin Wright combined mining

The dog coins and coin Wright combined mining

Into the second half of 2014 after falling a hash of dog coins to force many supporters always pinched the sweat, after two Charlie Lee the author suggested Wright coins, coin dog community is finally agreed in August to start the merge mining matters and conducted a preliminary test. Along with the time in September, just this week, in the 371337 block of dog coins, with the formal implementation of mining. The current global number of large LTC pool have already announced plans to support the merger and mining miners began to return the dog coins output.

It is understood that the method is currently involved in the money and the dog coins with Wright mining is relatively simple, only the miners as usual LTC mining can be without having to worry about other matters. The distribution of income for the miners to mine pool Wright currency at the same time, a dog currency gains or will directly hit the dog coins coin purse dog. But we need to note is that not only can the dog coins together with Wright currency mining theory, with a virtual currency Scrypt algorithm with arbitrary mining. So perhaps the future will open part of the mine pool dog coins and other currencies with mining. 

Small information learned through the inquiry, Wright coins and dog coins combined mining technology is actually the dog coins to switch to the auxiliary work verification mechanism (AuxPoW) model, combined with mining and Wright currency, technically, all the dog coins difficult Scrypt coins will be used and mining, but only with Wright currency the development of combined mining rights standard. The whole thing is a process of going back to a few months ago: merging and mining Wright currency was actually brought by Wright currency creator Charlie Lee, Lee proposed the safety problems existing in the attack dog coins 51% months ago, so that the dog coins and coin Wright in combined mining, but after repeated discussions the majority of people, the dog coins community rejected the idea. But let the dog bitcoin community disappointment, after which the dog coins is because of falling prices and rapid loss. This period coincided with the Chicago North American bitcoin conference. Charlie Lee again with mining matters and bluntly, the dog coins are facing survival problems”. In this regard, some important figures of the community chose to accept the dog coins. According to reports the dog coins reward reddit community application of dogetipbot founder Josh Mohland said: “we did not expect that things would come to this, but the workload aided verification mechanism (AuxPoW) is a simple method to solve the problem of the 51% attack dog coins.” In August, after that, the dog coins developers has finally decided to switch to auxiliary work dog coins (AuxPoW) authentication mechanism model, combined with mining and Wright currency. 

In view of all sorts of circumstances that may arise after the merger of mining, the dog coins developers has issued a notice, expounds the advantages and the reasons for doing this: the developer said the dog coins with mining after does not depend on the Wright currency, but the combined mining may occur after the following: 1, the dog coins sold, causing prices to continue fall. 2, the dog coins are considered safe, investors’ confidence, leading to more buying. 3. the price did not change, but more safe than the original dog coins. But according to Xiao Bian observed, see from this week with the current mining disk, the dog coins price rise not fall, the dog coins is overnight even from 67G up to the 272G, even the boss of f2pool, God fish kill in on mining profit distribution details published in September 12th whitebait in clear -9 19 contains bonus dog coins. And this is all that the majority of investors and the miners were relieved not to say, and even led to the overall rise in the price of the currency of copycat. Micro-blog even some analysis are as follows: the dog coins (maybe not Zhuang) bitcoin price is too high, the transaction is slow. A reward for the dog coins, constantly promote offline. The issue is nearing completion, chips scattered, small sell-off. New users came up, rising in more users. 

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In addition, in September 14th the small series of several large LTC field existing the browsing, the industry several well-known mineral pools have started announced support for the dog coins with mining. They are Coinotron,,, WeMineLTC and etc.. In addition, also made clear in the announcement that after spending the day with mining returns this PPS pool than the original only Wright currency is up to 15%, while the domestic part of machine gun released profit pool was more than 20%, in a continuous dividend under the influence of no wonder some miners are “”.

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