The dog coins foundation through the approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The dog coins foundation through the approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

What is the SAST universal dog dog coins coins, actually worthy of you, because he is so cheap to the public, the real civilian democratic currency.

Gou Goubi (Dogecoin, is called “dog coins”) was born in December 12, 2013, based on Scrypt algorithm. The on-line dog currency system, due to the support of reddit (Doge content of this web site, traffic is terrible flooding) explosive development, but in two weeks, the dog has carried out a special currency blog, forum, as of June 1, 2014, the market value has reached $about thirty million. Solid bits of gold, silver, known as Wright dog copper said (bitcoin position we will not say, a second position difficult showdown between Wright coins and the dog coins)

The dog coins after a few days ago the price rose after the return to rational, it is not difficult to see the whole industry virtual currency, the upcoming “winter” as the dog coins will show their glory. Chinese association was informed today from the dog coins dog coins foundation have been adopted by the Commission’s approval, and Officially registered!

A recent dog coins a few things you need to know:

1, consistent with the Scrypt algorithm with the LTC algorithm the dog bitcoin mining, so mining aided this is a perfect solution, followed by domestic famous God fish mine pool has dog coins aided mining machine set, bigwigs dedicated to the dog coins is self-evident. From the point of view of democratic monetary perspective, to ensure effective force is very convincing proof of the value of value principle.

2, the dog coins in the heat of the famous community on the number of fans is increasing, the ultimate expression of the dog coins reward the Connotation. Currently the main BTC38/ bit /BTC100 line on the website the dog coins, according to the sources of the three major domestic bitcoin trading platform may be on-line dog currency trading currency. The dog currency trading volume has exceeded domestic visual network% more than fifty people The dog coins enthusiasm also gradually increase, some bitcoin field V is also concerned about and hold the dog coins.

3, last night at 12 U.S. News dog coins foundation have been adopted by the Commission’s approval, officially registered! Before the foundation of the reason Never speak, is not officially registered in the future, the dog coins have the leadership work in just ways! Get regular licence in foreign countries” This is a big plus for dogs on the coin, sources visible message content as follows:

Hello Mr Zeng,

I am exceptionally sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you, I have been

Away with family for a week and have not had access to my email.

Thank you very much for the invitation and would like to return in kind by formally

Inviting your to become a member of the Dogecoin foundation. we are currently established

Legally and building up to an announcement to the community, and we would love to have

The voice of the Chinese Association heard within the foundation.

As to expo, I regret that I must decline as it coincides with a family event that I

Cannot reschedule, but I would still be excited to speak with you personally or

Correspond via email in the future.

I thank you very much for reaching out to me and again apologize for the late response.

Kind regards,

Steven Hirschmann
Dogecoin Foundation board member

4 this month, held the bitcoin fair, dog coins will have a corresponding booth to more virtual currency to show the charm of many dog coins. At the same time As the president of “China Association Gann – Dog coins fly” speech at the conference, the conference will dog coins for the participants of the each association The attendees share a certain number of dog coins.

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