The dog coins to drive the Shopify e-commerce platform copycat currency payment

The dog coins to drive the Shopify e-commerce platform copycat currency payment

At a press conference on Wednesday, GoCoin announced that its virtual currency payment system in collaboration with the electricity supplier platform Shopify, which more than 120000 businesses can pay by bitcoin, Wright coins and coin dog.

“We diligently seek new technology to help businesses operate, and increase sales,” Shopify integration of the company’s product director Louis Kearns in the conference said. “The dog and currency cooperation makes all business users on our platform are optional for digital currency diversification.

Shopify accept bitcoin (payment) for nearly a year, with the addition of dog coins, businesses on the platform and payment alternative methods of digital currency enhanced.

The conference is a survey quoted by the U.S. Census Bureau data, the data show that since the second quarter of 2013, electricity sales increased by 15.7%. According to a survey of Shopify’s research shows that mobile phone business is the main force in the growth of the electricity supplier currently accounts for 50.3% of sales, while the Shopify company is trying to position itself as a priority for the mobile phone business platform.

The dog coins company CEOLouis Kearns said for Internet businesses, with bitcoin, Wright coins, coins of these dogs originally born in mobile internet currency is undoubtedly an advantage, he said: “the digital currency can quickly and conveniently choose the dog coins for online sellers to provide the most current payment, so as to retain consumers.

Plan a holiday sales season great in strength and impetus

Note that the bitcoin transactions blowout in November last year, especially in the Thanksgiving and the outbreak of growth will undoubtedly upset the United States traditional retail scheduled for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Global business in the coming holiday before, has received payment began wildly beating gongs and drums, digital currency.

   In the earlier this month, CoinTelegraph reported by Japanese Rakuten company, the operator of Japan’s largest electricity supplier platform company to Bitnet net $14 million 500 thousand, has the exclusive right to use the software to pay for Bitnet company.

Of course, reported in September, Paypal’s businesses currently accepted bitcoin payment. Shopify this statement attracted Shibes and litecoin user groups, but also makes digital currency bets steadily rising.

The dog coins of gold in October

Last week, Bitfury Capital announced a mystery dog coins “strategic investment”, put it into the metaphor of payment potential at the helm of bitcoin era. Bitfury集团为比特币的开发建立数据中心并进行管理,同时还生产制造服务器, 与比特币开发相关的硬件设施,以及从事其他一些活动。

The dog coins business development consultant Eric Benz is a digital currency enthusiastic promotion, he said: “in recent weeks is on the dog coins with a pregnant meaning,” companies and individuals Everfount cooperation with us, this reflects the development and promotion of dog coins. With Bitfury this team and our cooperation, as our model, guide us to achieve this goal. And the last time and Shopify cooperation is the touchstone, verification of our products and the demand situation caused by it. To provide the public with a digital currency new payment scheme is the key to our unbeatable in the torrent.

Beauregard and Ben s in the same manner:

“At Paypal, Bitfury and now Shopify on these platforms of digital currency transactions to dog coins team a lot of care and attention, but also requires great patience, diligently strive after work. These are by far the most meaningful cooperation, which shows our ability to promote the growth of team dog coins and other similar institutions.

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