The dream: bitcoin ATM

The dream: bitcoin ATM



Bitcoin ATM will appear in October in Greece, the Greek capital controls make citizens and businesses more eager to put their money.

The self proclaimed the first Greek bitcoin traders BTCGreece and European bitcoin platform Cubits to achieve cooperation, make sure that the Greek bitcoin ATM from now only reach about 1 thousand units.

ThanosMarinos is Marinos created BTCGreece, told CNBC on Wednesday that the plan will be ready for implementation in October.

“In Greece to create block chain is one of our pursuit, if no accident, we will launch in October of this year’s first bitcoin atm”.

Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency to the center, the whole world can use. All bitcoin transactions will be recorded in the blockchain sharing books. (it can be understood, bitcoin can explain the use Baidu Search)

This digital currency bitcoin has been sought after by Greek companies and individuals, since June, the domestic investors to withdraw money from the Bank of Greece has no more than 60 Euro $66 427.4 yuan. And are prohibited from overseas account transfer, which requires the use of payment or to accept and pay corporate and personal life is very tough.

Marinos think automatic teller machine can take legal tender, why not take bitcoin?

But at present, BTCGreece in Greece has not yet officially installed atm. But there have been more than 300 shops for need to install bitcoin ATM.

He described on CNBC: “we are still to be cautious”. He said the next week will be announced with other partners plan.

Bitcoin price increases in June, the media reported that the Greeks used bitcoin currency to avoid domestic capital controls. But this to the center of the monetary outsiders cannot know exactly how many still use it.

Bitcoin ATMs primarily in the United States, Britain, Holland and Spain as well as some Western European countries installation.

Bitnet (digital commerce company) chief business officer for AkifKhan, Kahn was on the CNBC states: “the cause of bitcoin and the Greek economy has received the attention of the outside world. So it is actually a very interesting experiment, we will be able to see whether the Greeks love about bitcoin as a financial investment tool to deal with domestic capital controls”. And he felt that the Greek domestic regulatory is conducive to the introduction of automatic teller machine.

He felt: bitcoin ATMs in Greece can also be Greece did not set up, rigid, and so is European countries”.

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