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In the past decade, the Internet has been growing rapidly by relying on the flow economy model. The flow economy model mainly adopts the advertisement flow mode, and the inflow of advertising funds can let the public get the information and service with extremely low or even free cost. It can be said that it is the successful operation of this model, the achievements of our current mobile Internet era, changed everyone’s way of life.n
nHowever, the drawbacks of the flow economy model are also increasingly apparent, at least in the content area is so. July 6, “People’s Daily” 14 version of a “news Mo was the algorithm” kidnapping “” short comment may make “today’s headlines” executives are a bit nervous.n

nThis comment reads:n
nn”Recently, some obsessed with the technology and algorithms of the news client more and more ‘simple and rude’ to open an article, it will quickly use a lot of similar content scraper, even the right to refuse are not.n
nn”People’s Daily” editor accused the headlines today, “to catch the so-called algorithm ‘car’, some of the original information rich news client recommended content more and more single, some of the original objective and fair content producers become More and more extreme, some of the original layout of the news media has become increasingly narrow.n
nIn fact, not only today’s headlines, more and more news clients, are beginning to turn to the algorithm recommended this no return, from Tencent test the water every day Express, to Baidu home page revision, and then to the last two years, Users TIMELINE more and more control; even in the United States on the other side of the Atlantic, Facebook news recommendation algorithm led to the so-called “cocoon effect”, also considered a lot of rumors spread, and even the general election of the United States caused a direct impact.n
nAs the above newspaper commented on Tucao, “the instinctive introspection and transcendence is a step forward in human nature. The media is the same. Is the algorithm, traffic and traffic abduction, only said the audience would like to hear, only write the platform may push The topic, only to show that readers want to see that part of the world, or adhere to the real, comprehensive, objective, independent, with the attitude and value to win respect, with high quality content style? This is the media should think deeply.n
nInternet content of rivers and lakes pain pointsn
nHowever, why the “attitude and value to win respect” content professionalism demands can not overcome the flow and algorithm of digital operations? Larger problems may arise from the lack of technical mechanisms in the era of low cost replication.n
nFor how to get the public to get high quality original content? At present the traditional central platform of the practice, including “reward” of the economic incentives and paste the original label protection. But “play” to avoid the brush flow, and the central platform of the original recognition and protection, are both confined to the platform.n
nNot long ago, a “content bonus under the” rivers and lakes “: 20 days a day, each 5 minutes, monthly 50,000” technology reports, describes the flow algorithm mechanism, since the media out of the crash.n
nFrom the bar, microblogging, WeChat, portal pull pull out 300-500 words, modify, plus their own “modified” and “imagination”, and then paste three pictures, take a title, release. The whole process does not exceed 10 minutes, every day “write” 20.n
n”The number of people,” the daily life is crazy save the draft – the first is a direct handling, the word does not change to plagiarism, then the major platform on the line after the original protection, with the platform copy into a cross-platform plagiarism, such as from the headline Copy a sent to the hundred numbers, some skilled do, but also easily adjust the order of the paragraphs and order, to avoid the algorithm detection, which is equivalent to double insurance.n
nVisible, relying on the content of the flow model platform, will inevitably be guided to explore the boring and vulgar side of human nature, continue to push a variety of eye-catching vulgar news. At the same time, in such a platform, a variety of plagiarism articles, all kinds of small black essays flooded, has become a bone gangrene, “headlines” are unable to extricate themselves. Serious squeeze the living space of high-quality content creators, the Internet’s content ecology is facing a serious threat.n
nBlock chain project force content arean
nIn addition to relying on better laws and practitioners self-discipline, while looking forward to the public appreciation of the level of awareness and enhance the copyright awareness, from a technical point of view is likely to reverse the status quo? Currently concerned with the block chain technology, is trying to answer.n
nOn the Internet we believe in the end who? It can be said that before the birth of the block technology chain, there is no central organization can really solve this problem. And as the core of the same technology with the birth of the chain, because of its centralization, real-time verification, traceability, can not be tampered with open and transparent technical characteristics, by the “Economist” as “trust machine”, is increasingly By the financial, supply chain, property registration and even the election and other areas of attention and use. And these features, but also very close to the content and copyright scenes.n
nThere are many domestic and foreign projects, is committed to the use of block chain and other technical means to change the existing content of the market structure, to solve the high quality content is difficult to identify, spread and realize the problem. Such as the industry’s big gods BM development Steemit, the domestic team released YOYOW, etc., have caused concern in the industry.n
nThe latest participant in this field is a team called “original” and what they have developed a project called Primas, so what is the difference between their solution?n
nPrimas’ solutionn
nAccording to “original” CEO Wu Peng introduced to the chain pencil (, in the past year, the original team is committed to the block chain technology used in the field of digital copyright, and build the first in the field of copyright The floor of the chain products. With the media, large data and algorithm-related technical experience and in-depth understanding of the original team is about to release the face of individual users of the next generation content value ecosystem “Primas”, hoping to fundamentally subvert the rules of today’s headlines, Writing the law of media communication.n
nPrimas’s underlying architecture In the Ethereum, the key logic is implemented using smart contracts, and the core data is written to the block chain using smart contracts, and the content data is stored in IPFS.n
nFor the copyright issue, Primas has established a complete DNA system and traceability mechanism, its core is the content of digital fingerprint recognition, through the cryptography and block chain technology, the creator of the works and certification time, author information, trusted timestamp Encryption, generate a unique eight-bit code, so no matter what the contents of “flow” to where, there are roots can be pursued.n

nIn this regard, the “original” CTO nectar explained:n
nn”The traditional copyright protection mechanism is the product of the old era, without authorization you can not be forwarded, and authorized this process is too complicated to screen out a lot of distribution channels The rights and interests of the author is protected, but also lost a lot Channels and fans, the author’s economic interests have not been maximized. “n
nnThe Primas platform, the original author in the production of copyright protection, you can choose whether to authorize the reproduced, if agreed to authorize the price can be marked; and content providers to search these articles, whether the reprint and the price is very clear, the author through the content Of the reproduced, it is possible to achieve the collection of long tail income.n
nnUnlike the existing centralized content platform, Primas is an open system, Primas-protected content works are not limited to the system within the spread, but can be reproduced to any one of the network, do not be afraid of the author’s Interest is affected.n

nPrimas also has an important improvement over the existing decentralized content platform project. Before the same type of project for the content are often based on traffic to do the assessment, which can not be very good to avoid the user driven by the benefits, brush out a lot of data. For this reason, the original team created for the Primas value model is a comprehensive assessment system, rather than based on traffic assessment. Primas tries to construct an environment where the cost of infringement is greater than the transaction cost through block-chain technology.n
nInterview, the original CEO Wu Peng to the block chain pencil mentioned:n
nn”When a market does not have a good normative mechanism, any country will have a lot of bad fake things, and Primas can provide a perfect solution, the content of the market will naturally have a real value. This is not new Value, but what we lost in the past ten years, the original value.n
nnPrimas for the continuous production of high-quality content, provides a new guarantee ideas and methods. In line with the project, the original team will be August 1, open Primas ICO, sell PST (PrimasToken). As a project that is expected to refactor the entire content production industry, the pencil will continue to be reported in the near future. For more information, please click on Primas website

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