The enterprise Vitalik Buterin:IBM block chain did not catch on

 The enterprise Vitalik Buterin:IBM block chain did not catch on

According to Quartz reports, November 26th, Fang co-founder Vitalik Buterin in Ethernet Ethernet square Developers Conference DEVCON 4 said, enterprise block chain IBM didn’t catch on, and share the block, which is a good application scenario.

For many institutions in the use of block chain technology to solve different scenes of pain points, but seemingly did not solve any problem (for example, Quartz United Nations World Food Programme Plan World Food Programme WFP, Vitalik Buterin) of the status quo, believes that the emergence of this situation is due in part to the hype. The other part is that people on the block chain of this technology are excited to want to use their own work, it is completely reasonable.

For what is the use of special block chain technology, waste of time , Vitalik Buterin said, he read CoinDesk reports about IBM many articles, said IBM is declared that he has all the IP, these IP are based on their block chain platform “, but did not seize the key.

For IBM based on block chain technology, food traceability, Vitalik Buterin believes that its potential value is that when consumers scan the two-dimensional code on food packaging, that “the food is coming from somewhere”, that is to identify the origin of a product, but it’s like I can check whether it meets me value or quality standard etc..

In food traceability, there may exist for farmers or other people in the source of input information is not correct, Vitalik Buterin think it is entirely possible that the blockchain technology is a neutral tool, and not the arbiter of truth and the blockchain cannot provide 100% guarantee, especially in the real world. Of course, in the establishment of the blockchain authentication process, many enterprises try to establish a higher standard, but it is not in every industry is feasible.

For the most successful landing blockchain scene, Vitalik Buterin considered encryption currency and cross-border payments will be more likely to fall. Other scenes such as just mentioned products or independent sovereign status (self-sovereign identity), also need more time to see whether it has the massive expansion of meaning.

For non-financial block chain applications, Vitalik Buterin said about Singapore a university degree certificate issued by the blockchain technology, if the certificate has been revoked, this information will be recorded on the chain block.

Translation:, abridged.

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