The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

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 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

Lead: some EOS node is not what a day can earn $2600, some EOS node is busy until the explosion can not get a penny.

Collapse of bitcoin panic caused by mine: bitcoin sold out, its price is not enough to cover the cost of mining, resulting in many mines in almost no money and has been wandering in debt. Many mines have to pull the electric stop, some network pool will no longer profitable contracts under the machine frame, the use of electricity retail miners earlier more mining shutdown.

Famous mine owners discus in the micro-blog drying out the video to prove some of mine clearance is batch own machine, the workers as dumping will no longer provide profit for mine mill dumped in the scene, even the fish God also posted a rag uncle took photos of the scale collect scrap metal.

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

“Mine becomes scrap” such description although slightly exaggerated, but this round of adjustment does make some mine owners lost a lot of money. While currency prices fell, so many do not need to dig the miners suffered losses.

EOS is different from bitcoin, because the PoW consensus mechanism of Ethernet Fang is to maintain the currency by mining block chain network operation, and the DPOS consensus mechanism based on EOS, the block chain network run by nodes (21 super nodes and 100 spare nodes) computer servers to maintain block chain network operation, and these nodes rely on users to vote mortgage EOS Token selected, according to the provisions of the running rewards node does not rely on mining, is on the issuance of the annual Token EOS network.

In the first 3 months of this year, when EOS began the 21 super node selection, we found that many chiefs have incoming. Li Xiaolai, the cat and other coin ring regulars, and even Wenzhou, help mine pool, exchanges are involved in the campaign. Why so popular in addition to EOS was bursting with popularity, there will be the main reason is that the reward node node every year, this is a considerable fortune.

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

At the end of March, the media was EOS Token in accordance with the price of 40 yuan into the super node reward calculation, each super node nearly every year can get 100 million yuan reward equivalent Token. But now the current data, most of the nodes in the loss of the edge node 50 away to make ends meet * (according to the official server configuration).

The official EOS for node reward regulations also allow many teams can only pay without asking for return, many excellent project team can not get 10 Fen reward from EOS ecological contributions, EOS node operators heart bitter……

Super node 100 million income is how come?

We first look at the super node, the reward is how come?

Each EOS block chain network will have additional 5% Token. This year 5% additional 1/5 (that is 1% of the total) is the reward node.

Is the first node of the reward should be divided into two parts, one part is a reward, this is only the first 21 super node only, because they are responsible for a part of the total, this is the placement of 1% 25%; the other part is the vote award, this is the first 21 nodes and backup section the common point, in accordance with the proportion of voting for other users to allocate the remaining 75%.

EOS initial amount of 1 billion, 1% is 10 million, the average daily is 27397 EOS. In these EOS, 25% is a reward, reward 75% vote.

Under normal circumstances, the 21 node is a piece of rewards equally 25% of each block, every node had 326 EOS. But the node will appear lost block, resulting in reduced reward.

The other 75% are in accordance with the proportion of the voting node, this part can only be estimated. The nodes receive the reward is every 24 hours for one time, but not get together, each node has its own time. This leads to the A node after receiving the award, the pool reward is less, when the B node collar, the pool of EOS is not the same as before. Although still in accordance with the distribution of the proportion of voting, but when each node to receive the total amount of the pool is not the same. We can roughly estimate the amount of reward, for example, the EOS 42 bus turnout was 1.708%. That their vote reward is 350 EOS (27397*0.75*1.708%).

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

From the EOS browser, EOS 42 the actual voting reward is slightly more. 11 29 375 EOS is a reward. The difference is because the total vote bonus pool is different.

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

“We almost do not make money”

Through the Myeoskit data, we can see that the browser is the top 10 super node for the 749~826 EOS daily dividend. The current node fire currency ranked first, with 830 EOS per day, about $2656 (about 17280 yuan). At the beginning of March to the beginning of the campaign is expected when the annual income of RMB 100 million has been less than. The reason, in addition to reward ratio adjustment, another point is the currency prices fell.

“To tell you the truth, when EOS in about 35 yuan, we have almost no money.” One of the nodes in the EOS Nation co-founder ranked 30 in about Stephane Bission and BlockBeats 0x29 that blocks the rhythm. Their daily income is about 300 EOS.

The EOS Nation node team has 7 co-founder, and 5 employees, plus a few volunteers, are all composed of this node. Every weekend, the complete settlement of the wages of the employees, they may even wage points less than 7 founders.

In the nodes inside, EOS Nation also belong to the lucky, you can get the vote award. The provisions in every node reward, reward to receive more than 100 EOS, otherwise, a little bit of income are not.

The cost of the nodes, in addition to team members wages, cloud server fees and travel expenses, some nodes and community sponsorship costs. These are not the direct use of EOS server to pay, with fiat money, tickets will use legal tender. Obviously, currency price fluctuations, for joint income, is essential.

Now the EOS has reached $3.2 (22 yuan) a, reached an all-time high in May of $23, but that time has not yet begun with the reward node, then it has been down, has lost 86%. It can be said that from the node can start to receive wages, they paid a day less than a day. The most terrible thing is, according to the current price, some nodes have been unable to pay.

EOS Nation in the EOS is $5 (34.5 yuan) when the founder has not get wages, now fell by nearly 20%, if they had no other source of income, the 5 full-time staff or salaries, wages or first defaulted. If there is no way to deal with, probably won’t last long.

It is ranked 30 in the node, the nodes are ranked on the top of the back of the node, income less, not to mention the 100 nodes in every EOS income.

75.5% nodes do not earn money back to the server

In June this year, EOS super node has been broke more than 95% super node server running on Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ali cloud enterprise cloud server, further triggered a discussion of the use of cloud services is contrary to the nature of the chain to the center of the block.

Some people think that the use of cloud server violates the essence to the center of the cloud, because the server may encounter power network fault, and collapse, use the cloud server instead of maintaining a separate server, somewhat opportunistic. Moreover, in accordance with local laws and regulations of the running in the cloud server, may be directly cut off when the government supervision server nodes.

Some people think that this does not affect the blockchain operation, because the server in the cloud server compared to independent disaster recovery and maintenance easier, and the nodes do not necessarily know whether they can continue to obtain the super node qualifications, until you choose when to switch to server configuration or higher after the election to switch back to normal server, more easy to control costs.

Indeed, if you can become a super node, the daily income does not appear to be a lot, but really can make money?

The EOS official server node recommended during the election as an example, it uses a AWS EC2 host x1.32x Large Amazon, with 128 core processor, 2TB ram, 2x1920GB SSD memory, 25Gb network bandwidth. It is a main server in a standby server.

Such a server cost is $13.338 for 1 hours (excluding network bandwidth), a preparation of a master server daily operating costs: 13.338*24*2 = $640.

The next settlement bandwidth costs, now the average size of each EOS block is 1KB, a node synchronization information about a month, the amount is about 5-10G, broadband Amazon cloud services in accordance with the use amount of less than $10 a month, almost negligible. To every day, the cost of network bandwidth can be neglected.

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

According to the calculation, fire currency node daily income 830EOS, about $2656, from $640 in operating expenses, profit of about $2000 a day. Any income is less than $640 (about 200 EOS) and the use of official recommended node configuration, a preparation of a master server, which is currently about 50 of all the nodes, all may be losing money edge.

According to MyeosKit, 200 nodes, 49 nodes only the income can be more than 200EOS, according to the official configuration of the server node, the remaining 75.5% are losing money. But considering some nodes and not in accordance with the official configuration to run the server, then their operating costs will decline further, but even more surprising still behind.

 The EOS node bear: we did not make any money back to the server

Most people believe, the provisions below 100EOS can not receive node reward, which makes small nodes no cost recovery may. The EOSflare node eighty-third as an example, the EOS block chain browser development is one of the whole community the more popular browser, but the team did not get any EOS reward.

Even the most profitable fire currency node, a year 300 thousand EOS, according to the current 22 yuan to count the value of 6 million 600 thousand, according to the history is the 40 million highest, obviously, 2018 income is less than 10 million, especially the price of money now no improvement. The initial 100 million yuan, too far too poor.

In the node election at the beginning, a development team that can make a big idea into the EOS block chain of the world, but the reality is cruel, not only the team can not get so much in return, but also may operate at a loss, it will have a negative impact on the entire EOS ecosystem.

“All development will slow down”

The node for the EOS, is in the bitcoin miners. No miners, what transactions are unable to. It is responsible for the block is the top node of 21, their reward is relatively more. EOS only if you continue to rise or not, a node will appear the operation difficult situation.

“A node might be unable to pay.” Ranked seventh in the EOS New node York co-founder Kevin Rose said, “but it will be very popular.”

Every node not only maintain the EOS network in such a simple job, they will design DApp, provide some infrastructure, or develop value-added projects and tools. Because the nodes are selected according to the EOS election, and the voting rules, vote and half-life, the number of votes will be cut down slowly.

Want to stay competitive, will do contribution to the node for the EOS community. The nodes want to into the top 21 to get more rewards; have nodes in the top 21 also want to stay competitive, can not be brush down. But all of these are in need of funds. Just as the Internet start-up companies, into the money to burn, team building, products, advertising, in order to have the market.

The price of EOS in this position when the node can choose the road, or to find other sources of income, to die support, barely left. The only certainty is, all nodes will cut costs, not only is the human cost of the infrastructure, the free value-added items and tools from the node here will be less and less.

Even the wages to be sent out, but also how to think about the development.

“All (Development) will slow down.” Kevin said.

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