“The era of entrepreneurship” prototype Huang Ho: Mao Kankan how far away from me?

“Business times” ending, “magic” founder “Guo Xinnian” eventually lost capital squeeze, forced prostitution, “the magic crystal” that night to make decisions, he and “Li Pentium” drink dead drunk.

Before that, he worked in the cruel competition before trying to write code; or suddenly midnight fantasy into a creative, exciting and then to “the blue” telephone operators; “encirclement and suppression” to the tragic besieged on all sides to defend himself; and “hanging” was originally gave him hope capital scam, fury and his things and go.

All of this, Huang ho now looking back, are very familiar with. He is the archetype of Guo Xinnian “.

The crazy venture years, Huang He created the voice chat software “magic” prototype Talkbox in Hongkong. In March 2011, Talkbox founded less than two months, rushed to the App Store social list first, become Huobian southeast phenomenon APP. At the peak, Talkbox has 13 million registered users.

With “Guo Xinnian”, when Huang ho high hopes for Talkbox. But very helpless, in the subsequent promotion of Talkbox experienced a blocked server, copycat software and capital at the same time extrusion, the final in 3 months will not exit. The most regret is that 3 months of competition is not enough time to apply for a patent, the patent right of final “hold to” by Tencent, Talkbox had to withdraw from the market.

Over the past 8 years now, to review the experience of sitting in front of the daily planet Odaily Huang ho still could not help feeling, he is also a passionate entrepreneur, in 8 years he never stopped business.

After Talkbox, Huang ho created another two projects are to get big data “Jane”, and the block chain project for mail — Measurable Data Token consumption (hereinafter referred to as “MDT”).

The latter is currently in the block chain in the context of a bear market, is difficult to run.

Interview that day, Huang ho just returned, bid farewell to a business because of unbearable pressure Dutch act friend. He was feeling down, ask yourself, business for so many years, how far away from Mao Kankan.

Creative from parents can not type

In 2010, just graduated from Hong Kong Polytech University Huang ho gave up Shanghai product manager, joined a start-up team GreenTomato.

The main tool that people in social communication or message, Hongkong 9 telecom operators, between different operators to buy packages, send text messages for a fee. This brings inconvenience to consumers, the communication cost is higher.

The year 6 month, Apple released the iPhone 4 era, smart mobile phone. Huang He Odaily told the daily planet, when apple appeared on a mobile phone software called WhatsApp, it can replace SMS communication.

Huang ho also give parents to download this software, but he found that they won’t be able to use intelligent mobile phone typing.

Later the birth of the voice instant messaging software — Talkbox’s inspiration is derived from this, “parents can’t type, I think, can not do a direct voice communication, let it hold to speak.”

With the “magic” team, Huang Ho and his team also experienced the development of round the clock.

In January 2011, Talkbox launched, quickly rushed to the App Store social list first, reached 13 million at the peak.

Unfortunately, on-line soon, Huang ho team found that the Talkbox application should not in the mainland, “the server was blocked.”

This server is a shield, later appeared in “pioneering era” in a few scenes is very heavy. The 3 domestic operators have to sue the “magic crystal” did not obtain the operating license, illegal operations, the relevant departments in the proposal, the prosecution to mediation, “magic crystal” made a respite. But at this time, the two operators suddenly shield “magic crystal” server, close to the “magic crystal”. “The magic crystal” frantic lobbying team, looking for organization operators do not do so, because if you stop a server, “magic” died.

This process where deep yellow, Talkbox I do not know how long the shielding in the mainland, when Huang Ho was extremely anxious, but there is no way.

Unfortunately, at the time when the mobile Internet is just emerging, Talkbox creative one out is to imitate.

“In Southeast Asia and Mainland China’s” thousand war letter “situation.” Huang He said. The face of fierce competition, where there is no new version of yellow hand enough to support a variety of system development. He faced the situation beset with troubles internally and externally.

“Business times”, there is a fierce conflict but an important clue, is the capital of extrusion “magic crystal” shares. This process also experienced Huang ho.

In May 2011, WeChat updated version 2, adding “hold to” function. The beginning of July 2011, WeChat ranking rose, fell Talkbox. In the implementation of effective migration of QQ users, WeChat has become the most mainstream instant messaging application China.

So that year, Talkbox and some other copycat voice chat software in rolling big capital, was killed in the cradle.

Is “more anxious and helpless, always knew this day to come, the face of giant rolling and the shortage of manpower, even the rapid growth, can develop more system version, only to the unyielding attitude held on.” Huang He said.

At that time there are many companies looking for Huang Ho, to discuss whether cooperation or acquisition, but the complexity of the situation, and finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Soon, Talkbox users fell sharply, where the yellow team had to carry out business transformation.

“Kill back”

October, “business times” launch, has left the Talkbox 8 years, Huang ho sitting before the computer in Hongkong, a set does not fall……

The final episode, “lost magic crystal” and “Guo Xinnian”, with the story of the heroine “blue” back to the “magic crystal” birth place: pull the wrong Rahm lake.

Pure water is inlaid in the Tibetan Plateau snow mountain, the lens slowly freeze in a calm lake, “the blue” hands clasped, eyelid slightly lowered to Lake vow, “I hope you can make a better software than the magic crystal, kill back.”

“Guo Xinnian” leng.

See this scene of the Huang ho also Leng, then he made a circle of friends, “the 2011 mobile Internet social war visible before the eyes. The contribution of innovation Rowe to pay tribute to the Talkbox team in the same news conference on “no magic crystal is not the same news” to “change the way” of human communication, but also the last period for that crazy experience of painting”.

“Kill back.” He gave his comments, like to encourage “Guo Xinnian”, also said to himself.

It was the 11 month 11 days, Huang ho just returning from the United states. Huang Ho said “kill back”, not to return home, but with “Guo Xinnian”, “magic” is not in accordance with their own mind after the development of an entrepreneur attitude back to the entrepreneurial team, create the “magic crystal” better products.

What does Huang also do so.

Talkbox was not dead, still in the development of Hongkong, just a portfolio of business in the competition, cut down in the face of the mass communication business, only do business service.

In 2015, Huang ho team has developed a new project, Jane (MailTime), this is a simple chat APP e-mail becomes the same as texting, email is also a big data products. It is Talkbox much more smoothly, and soon got Xu Xiaoping’s investment, but also in the United States top venture server Y Combinator.

“The equivalent of message products from despair to find a way out of the big data. When Y Combinator, founder of Gmail, is also our group partner, do mail protocol products, he helped us to review a business logic, we began to large data transformation.” Huang He said.

But in the process of big data, he encountered a problem. The existence of this industry in the false data, with black channel “steal” data, data privacy and other means to obtain the user’s market. This let Huang ho is difficult to understand, it is difficult to accept.

Input block chain

In 2013, in the presence of hesitation background on the operation of big data, Huang He in the United States to block chain technology. With his career is the Silicon Valley project Dfinity founder, Tom Ding.

“It can change the relations of production, to subvert the vested interest.” Huang He said, this caused him to see the possibility of data fraud, effectively protect the privacy of user data.

Soon, Huang He launched using block chain technology project in Silicon Valley, MDT number. This is a big data analysis platform based on the data of anonymous mail, business oriented end, provide consumer behavior does not involve user privacy data.

In November 7th, when the plane just took the fatigue, he wore a yellow sweater and jeans, carrying a grey backpack in front of the daily planet reporter Odaily. Block chain industry since the second half of this year into the trough, the project progress is not very smooth, MDT currency price also fell.

The industry also has a voice in question MDT number, for example through mail data mining analysis model is outdated, whether the data itself has value.

Huang He argued: “in the overseas mail is still an important proof of the activities of people such as Invoicing, different tax system between China and the United States, and 95% of our business overseas, and security compliance.”

Obey the “how far away from me?”

Time back to 8 years ago, Huang He does not think that the entrepreneurial way of their choice to go so hard. Because he had created a Talkbox high light moment of his own, but entrepreneurs like on the battlefield, the strength is not strong enough, even his own creation of fruit will be robbed.

Huang ho admitted that the pressure is very large.

A bad news is he a friend just because the era of entrepreneurship unbearable pressure jump and he returned to the Dutch act, the purpose is to help the friends funeral.

He repeatedly mentioned Mao Kankan, constantly sigh of entrepreneurship is not easy.

In recent years, he has 4 friends because of too much pressure and entrepreneurial Dutch act. In an interview in the elevator, he always is low.

Friends because of capital pressure to end their lives, he felt sad, he knew that the process, companies can not run, but still have feelings, reluctant.”

He also laments his own experience, the circle of friends, he thanked “business times” wrote Fu yao. 8 years ago, the scene visible before the eyes for the Talkbox to operate smoothly, he in the mainland, often to Beijing, global business in Zhongguancun Street garage coffee, where he met the garage Cafe boss, and want to find the story from the era of Internet entrepreneurs pay yao.

The audience for “business times” this drama is mixed, but he eventually love yellow.

“It is more emphasis on entrepreneurial process, not by the success of the attitude of motivation or memory. It emphasizes the difficulties of entrepreneurship, venture capital and the ups and downs.” Huang He said he believes the process of recording of entrepreneurs, very meaningful.

This year the beginning of the second quarter, MailTime Jane APP and U.S. telecom operators Verizon, AT&T and millet, Samsung and other domestic mobile phone brand launched a cooperation, covering the United States and the European mobile phone mail application market.

With the “business times” broadcast, Huang Ho’s team also launched a marketing occasion. Launched a version of the “feelings of Jane, Jane was renamed with the mobile phone communication application of the same name” magic crystal “application.

With the drama of the heat, the application in release 2 days board the Apple App Store social list 2, and boarded the hot search list, 18 days downloaded more than 100 million. Huang He said, the development of the products, but also to bring a lot of financing opportunities, is currently negotiating.

The outcome of the era of entrepreneurship, but the real entrepreneurs are still continuing.

Interview that day, Huang ho also reflects on the friends of the end, think startups failure is not a problem, in the impetuous bubble, the high valuation of capital, entrepreneurial wave many people blindly join, the media exaggerated, however, when the bubble burst, passion, leaving only the entrepreneur himself.

“Sometimes I wonder how far I am from Mao Kankan?” He said.

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