The Ether Square announced the Metropolis hard bifurcation by the end of September

nnnStroke Comment: Bitcoin Cash, which is twice the size of the original Bitcoin block, has become a hotspot, and the highly anticipated bifurcated Metropolis seems to have been overlooked. However, the team has recently announced that the upgrade will be implemented by the end of September, in the anonymity, ease of programming, security and difficulty in mining and other aspects of the upgrade. Reduced excavation rates and increased user numbers will have a different impact on the price of the currency, so the specific performance depends on the market.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBitcoin and Bitcoin Cash news clamor, so that some people ignore the ether square.n
nHowever, the Ether Square development team has said the Metropolis hard bifurcation will be implemented by the end of September this year.n
nFuture road mapn
nEarlier this year, after the release of the 2017 road map, the hard bifurcation began to look forward. The roadmap shows that future versions will contain important upgrades for some platforms.n
nThe statement said that the next three to six months to release a new version, the end of September at the end of a full six months period.n
nAlthough the time is much later than many people want, the news or encourage the people who look forward to the upgrade.n
nExpect to upgraden
nThe new hard bifurcation will achieve some significant upgrades.n
nFirst, increase the anonymity with zero knowledge (zk-SNARKs). Users will be able to trade anonymously higher than the previous level.n
nSecond, the upgrade will make programming and smart contracts easier, to reduce the pressure of some current programmers. “Gasoline” will also be adjusted.n
nThird, hide the security enthusiasts, allowing users to determine the private key corresponding to the address. Can increase network security, and even resist quantum computer attacks.n
nFinally, the upgrade includes “Difficulty Bomb” (Difficulty-Bomb), the purpose is to make the mining difficulty doubled.n
n”Difficulty-Bomb” is intended as an intermediate step in the proof of the effort in the network to prove the benefits. Often known as the “ethereal ice age” (Ethereum Ice Age).n
nPrice response?n
nIt is unclear whether the upgrade will affect the price movements. With the mining slowdown, the price may fall.n
nHowever, the upgrade can increase the total number of users, resulting in price increases.n
nIn any case, Metropolis is the penultimate stop on the road map, Serenity is the next upgrade, can increase scalability, bring more investment and price support.n

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