The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

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As the password money has been to winter, the etheric square is below $100, the record prices low at the same time, some of the digital ecosystem is showing a rising trend, from the etheric square community ConsenSys lists a series of numbers, in order to prove the etheric Fang ecosystem is growing.

 The winter under the etheric square, in front of the dawn

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In the blockchain world, the price is not all. After re examining the block chain industry, we have made a careful study of the truth behind the Ethernet network workshop.

In June this year, we released a report entitled “report on the state of” Fang Ethernet network, this paper introduces emphatically some key data of Ethernet network workshop. Six months later, in 2018 is close to the end of the end of period, we are in the long term “password monetary winter”, since the end of 2017, the market volatility, has caused widespread concern in the industry chain to block mass. However, careful study of these figures, we can see that in the new year, the blockchain this powerful technology has increased the development track of the firm.

Trading activity decrease after the first rise

So far, the etheric network Fang handled a total of more than 353 million transactions. Since June 1st this year, trading volume increased by more than 100 million square Ethernet network pen (previously 240 million pen). In January 4th this year, the etheric Fang network processing 1 million 300 thousand transactions in 24 hours, this is the history of the largest number of network transactions a day. Since the 6 month 1 day, the average number of daily trading Ethernet network is about 61 million square pen (source:

When we study these transaction data more deeply, we see that after in late 2017 and early 2018 “password monetary prosperity”, the network tends to be relatively stable in the etheric fang. In 2018 March, trading volume per month is about 50 million square Ethernet Network Ethernet (ETH), but the currency since the third quarter, the number of transactions per month fell slightly in the etheric Fang network, from July monthly about 20 million Ethernet (ETH) currency in November reduced to about 16 million per month RMB Ethernet (ETH). The number of Ethernet and the second currency trading occurs, the increase in the same period of time, from 7 month 2 transactions per second, up to 11 in 5 transactions (Figure 1).

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure 1: December 2017 -2018 year in November period, Ethernet Fang trading data (source: Alethio Data Science.)

As of now, the etheric Fang block chain network has close to 49 million independent address, and in 2017 December, this data is only about 13 million, that is to say, just a year’s time, the Ethernet network address data workshop increased by nearly 4 times. In 6 months, the number of new address has reached 1400 million (Figure 2). According to estimates, each address hold an average of about 2.17ETH, if not before the statistics 10 addresses, each address held on average about 1.87ETH, excluding the first 50 addresses, each address held on average about 1.59 ETH.

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure 2. Ethernet square independent address number growth, data source (Etherscan)

In 2018, the newly created address, was abandoned before the service life of an average of about 35.45 days, while in 2017, this data is about 11.25 days, that is to say, this year the Ethernet network address of the service life of Fang grew 3 times.

In addition, the deployment of smart contracts in the square block chain Ethernet has steadily increased. In June, the etheric network about the deployment of 200 thousand square smart contracts, and by October, the total contract History Workshop Ethernet data has exceeded 1 million, and reached 1 million 500 thousand in November (Figure 3). Since the end of 2017, the number of successful call Ethernet Intelligent Fang contract, has remained at near 1 million 200 thousand every day.

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

The number of smart contracts created in 3:2018, the data source (Alethio Data Science)

There is no doubt that the etheric square block chain remains the most powerful intelligent platform contract. By market capitalisation in the block chain token before 100, 96% was created through the etheric square, and in the block chain token before 1000, 89% was created through the etheric Fang platform. (source:

The activities of users and developers

According to the State of the Dapps data show that in October this year, the number of block chain dApp listed on the site reached 2286, of which 2175 is the square platform based on ethernet. For many users, access to the dApp is the most easy way is through the mobile wallet. For example, MetaMask, which is one of the widely used Web3 browser extension application downloads in April of this year exceeded 1 million times, then an increase of 200 thousand times.

The developer is the continued growth of the etheric ecosystem is an important part of the workshop. Although the market fluctuates, developers are still committed to block chain technology and its application.

Truffle Framework is designed to allow developers as comfortable as possible to change an idea for a DAPP tool. As of now, only in Github there are 26000 kinds of Truffle products. The first product Truffle Framework, named Truffle, which is a development environment and testing framework, it will create a DAPP square block in the etheric chain to the developer. Recently, the history of Truffle has been downloaded 1168595 times. On average, Truffle month was downloaded nearly 100 thousand times. Ganache, a Truffle Framework product, it is a tool for the deployment of contracts, develops application and test work, since the 2017 year 10 month, Ganache downloads have been close to 60 million times, and currently there is no evidence that the pace of development will soon slow. (Figure 4-6)

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure 4. Truffle monthly downloads, data from Truffle Framework.

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure 5. Ganache monthly downloads, data from Truffle Framework.

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure 6. Truffle Suite developers using data from Truffle Framework..

Loom Network to develop and launch a two layer in the etheric workshop (layer 2) platform, which allows games and social dApp to achieve expansion, and still have the etheric square to the center of the core security and characteristics. The team also released the CryptoZombies real-time application, which allows anyone to learn to write intelligent contracts in the etheric workshop. Up to now, CryptoZombies has 330000 users than in the month of 6 2018 increased 1.5 times.

Look, the developers will still stay here, and there will be more developers will choose here.

The miners and network activity

According to Ethernodes data show that the number of active nodes in the current Ethernet square block chain of more than 11000, these nodes are distributed on six continents, which shows the Ethernet network geographic diversity workshop. In 2018, the Ethernet network Fang miners every month reward is quite stable, about 62 million ETH, the highest value is 1 in the month of 64 million, while the lowest value is 2 month 57.2 million (Figure 7).

 The winter under the etheric square, in front of the dawn

Figure 7.2018 years workshop Ethernet data source of Alethio Data Science. miners return

The ecological condition

In addition to developers and miners, other members of the community interested in the etheric Fang also increased. R / Ethereum community members in the past 1 years more than doubled from 2017 years 12 months at the beginning of 17.6 million, up to 2018 years 12 months at the beginning of the 418000 (source:

Bounties Network (bounty network) is the one that allows anyone to submit and complete the task of the platform. In 2018, the number of transactions of the platform also soared, from 50 in January to October, more than 1500 growth peak. It is worth noting that the number of independent address monthly transactions at the same time also increased, the highest value in October is more than 350, which indicates that the interaction with the platform and the number of.

 The ether workshop in the cold winter, the dawn of the dawn is in front

Figure.8 bounty network monthly number of transactions (left) the number of independent address transactions and monthly (right).

With the end of 2017 and early 2018 password monetary boom gradually receded, the market appears weak trend, ICO became more and more cold, regulators also gradually strengthen intervention. However, ICO market slowdown did not hinder the enterprise and the government and the research on block chain technology. In particular, reduction of ICO funds, opened the door to the traditional risk investment. In 2017, the Vc firm to block chain company invested $1 billion, an investment of $1 million 500 thousand. In 2018, venture capital company reached 4 billion dollars in the blockchain company funding, an investment of $2 million 500 thousand (Figure 9-10). The large Vc firm Andreessen Horowitz said its particularly optimistic about the block chain and etheric fang. The company in the summer of last year raised a focus on password monetary investment $300 million fund, the MakerDAO has invested $15 million. In an interview in September, Chris Dixon general partner Andreessen Horowitz widely talked about his passion for the etheric Fang, and called it a “gathering point in technology fields”.

 The winter under the etheric square, in front of the dawn

Figure 9.2013 -2018 years, VC investment, to block chain company data source:

 The winter under the etheric square, in front of the dawn

Figure 10.2013 -2018 years, the median of VC block chain company investment, data source:

In September this year, world’s 15 largest banks and commodity companies announced the establishment of komgo, in order to Ethernet based on the establishment of a global Workshop on trade finance platform blockchain. Arizona and Ohio have passed laws, legal recognition block chain platform storage and transaction data. Signature Bank announced the launch of a licensed version of Ethernet based on square block chain payment platform, allowing people to send trading ERC-20 card form almost instantaneously. Christies recently in a square block chain too may hit 317 million U.S. dollars a single real estate sales. In addition, the Sony Corp have been reviewed and approved by a Plague Hunters Ethernet square game, the game is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

The use of Ethernet Fang is accelerating, from the enterprise, private investment firm, government agencies, and listed the art world to entertainment…… This is just a start. Even in the face of high volatility market, companies are also aware of the role of the chain block, and seek for the relevant application in their business model.

The above information, means that the Ethernet network workshop is growing, it is all over the world and the concern of the industry. Globally, many problems in the application of Ethernet workshop is expected to improve the organization and system of the encounter.

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