The European Central Bank officials called bitcoin transaction tax

The European Central Bank officials called bitcoin transaction tax


According to the members of the European Central Bank Management Committee said, bitcoin should be regulated, and even tax.

In charge of the Central Bank of Austria OesterreichischeNationalbank EwaldNowotny in Germany to accept the “South German newspaper” said in an interview, any financial transactions involved in the people should know, first you need to pay value-added tax.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported that the bankers also expressed concerns about the potential for money laundering purposes, he said:

“This is not allowed, we have decided to stop printing 500 euro notes to combat money laundering, we have strict rules for each small savings club, and then have to helplessly see people with bitcoin in money laundering around the world.”

Nowotny said a few days ago, members of the European central bank executive committee of Beno? TC? Ur told CaixinGlobal, bitcoin is a bubble. The same, C and his colleagues in Austria? Ur said the main problem of bitcoin is involved in tax evasion and money laundering.

C? Ur said, bitcoin is mainly due to speculation, “investors should be aware of the existence of a large number of capital loss risk”.

Two bankers claim that bitcoin is not money, C? Ur added that investors will not be able to be used as a means of payment.

However, he did say the books distributed technology (DLT) generally has wholesale and retail applications. He pointed out that a joint venture with the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan recently established, for the case study.

He said that although the central banks around the world are studying how to use DLT to update or replace the existing financial system, but the technology for any meaningful implementation is still too young.

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