The European Central Bank will discuss bitcoin and block chain and youth

The European Central Bank will discuss bitcoin and block chain and youth

In February 12, 2018, the president of the European Central Bank will be through a series of video to answer three important questions, including encryption currency and block chain.

MarioDraghi will answer selected questions, including whether bitcoin can become the traditional currency substitutes, and the central bank’s assessment of relevant technical summary by the view of January 23, 2018. 16 to 35 year old European citizens can also focus on three themes: proposed new possibilities for the global economic crisis, the currency and the encryption block chain, the European economic recovery and youth employment.

The agenda belongs to the European Central Bank’s third Youth Dialogue (YouthDialogue), in the youth dialogue, usually the central bank policy makers with countries and students of all backgrounds and Youth Dialogue for a few rounds of dialogue.

In order to introduce the dialogue, the European Central Bank has launched a poll on twitter, about whether bitcoin can become a viable alternative to the traditional currency. Within 24 hours, the poll has won more than 15500 feedback.

The central bank currency and encryption

Despite the central bank’s role in the field of digital currency has been the focus of debate, but they are helping to ensure the economic stability of the view has been established.

Bitcoin volatility for the US investment bank, Goldman chief executive LloydBlankfein, who criticized it as fraud tools, finance minister Luxemburg PierreGramegna also pointed out that the EU may soon develop new encryption currency regulations.

By using the trend

Sure, 2017 is a key year bitcoin. This year, the global bitcoin value soared together with the heat, get the mainstream media attention cryptocurrencies ecology.

Although there is no evidence that the increased attention given by in Europe, 2017 statistics show that in the major European economies as the daily payment rate is very low.

The Youth Dialogue encryption currency question

However, the new information in the public domain has obviously influence the views of many people. This gives interest to the European Central Bank may not appear even if the question and answer session, what new focus.

Q & A by the recent European support bitcoin cancel Visa debit card, and this kind of currency throughout the European Union regulatory initiative. It is worth pondering for offbeat discussions with European issuers are, and are trying to create independent of traditional bank encryption currency / bank currency, the result of the conference will mean what.

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