The Facebook blog function to promote bitcoin consciousness?

The Facebook blog function to promote bitcoin consciousness?

Write a blog or blog, Facebook problem

Facebook hopes to become the leader of the publishers, especially now, a popular way is to find more and more Internet users to tell their story.

Similar to the Blogger and the WordPress service is very popular, can provide a similar service in Facebook on them, if not better.

Their new features will replace the previous Facebook pointed out, and is committed to provide users with a “blog” feeling let users share the life with the world.

The new version will modify the Facebook to make it more amplification, including the logo image, clear title. Facebook has been released longer in the exploration of the content, the Facebook wall and schedule will show only a part of a long article now.

Bitcoin collision chance interesting?

Facebook opened up the new characteristics of Nothing needed is lacking., all over the world with bitcoin opportunity.

Facebook has more than 1 billion 500 million users around the world, most of them haven’t even heard of bitcoin. If the number of virtual currency blog articles appear in the new Facebook application platform, bitcoin can get a major boost.

The success of the platform depends largely on how to spread and landing.

That is to say, in the Facebook on the release of bitcoin more content is never a bad thing, because the current in this social media platform little virtual currency figure. In addition to Facebook a bitcoin group, almost no topic.

What do you think about the new characteristics of Facebook? Do you see any potential use to promote the adoption of bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below!

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