The FBI will be auctioned in June 27th bitcoin

The FBI will be auctioned in June 27th bitcoin


The U.S. Marshals Service Department said Thursday that the U.S. government plans to auction in June 27th nearly 30 thousand bitcoin worth about nearly $17 million 300 thousand, which is part of the Federal Bureau of investigation in the last year of illegal drugs online market – the Silk Road investigation confiscated.

In a statement, the Marshals Service Department confirmed it has taken additional actions to 144341.53 other detainees will bitcoin. According to the FBI spokeswoman Kelly Langsmesser, these coins will also be ready to separate sales.

Said the Marshals Service Department, the first auction will occur in June 27th 12 hours, about 9 copies of 3000 coins and a bitcoin is about 2657. Interested buyers can in the U.S. marshals website through the auction bid, the winning bidder will be received in June 30th.

So clearing a large number of bitcoins may inhibit digital currency prices.

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) was arrested in October and accused Ross U Blish, he is a pseudonym for the owners and management of Dread Pirate Roberts website on the silk road.

Mr. Ubu Leigh F did not admit the allegations, claiming that he owns 29000 seized bitcoin ownership. His lawyer, Joshua Dratel, said on Thursday that he will continue to promote the Justice Department to return the money, but not against the sale, which was confirmed by participating in decisions on confiscation authorized by a judge in New York earlier this year. Mr. Dratel said, “who will maximize or keep [seized bitcoin value] is good for us”.

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