The Finance Committee will provide technical certification for ICO issuers

nnnThe Financial Commission, which provides dispute resolution services and online trading technology certification, announced that it would provide technical certification for ICO issuers to make the development of the event more secure and orderly. The Finance Committee has set up a dedicated certification team to provide this service, and the financial technology companies that wish to conduct ICO must meet their requirements for certification.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Financial Commission is the external Dispute Resolution of the global foreign exchange, derivatives and digital currency brokers and its clients, and has announced its decision to include financial technology companies that raise funds through the ICO into its financial technology certification services The scope of the object.n
nThe Finance Committee not only provides dispute resolution services, it has also been an authoritative agency since 2014 to the online trading company and the exchange of trading platform technology certification.n
nIn order to provide new services, the Finance Committee established the ICO Certification Committee (ICC), which will be composed of financial and technical experts from the above market. The Commission will use the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) as its primary support force.n
nPeter Tatarnikov, ICC founding member and chairman of the Finance Committee, explained that the company decided to extend its reach to ICO issuers.n

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