The Finnish central bank reported strongly praising the Bitcoan system

nnnRecently, the Finnish bank issued a new report on the study of Bitcoin, in which the analysis of the Bitcoin infrastructure, praised its revolutionary, can play an important role in the future. At the same time, the authors of the report also called on more scholars to further investigate the new technology, hoping to enable the government to deepen its understanding, so as to achieve real use.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFinnish central bank researchers say Bitco’s economic system is “revolutionary”.n
nIn a new employee paper issued by the Finnish bank on September 5, Finnish bank economists revealed the results of a detailed survey of the special currency infrastructure, and they found that the technology constituted an “agreement monopoly”.n
nIn general, the three authors of the report (Gur Huberman, Jacob Leshno and Ciamac Moallemi) argue that this feature provides a degree of protection that can be used to prevent the manipulation of dangerous molecules through protocol-level dynamics.n
nThey wrote:n
nn”Bitcoin is a monopoly that is manipulated by a protocol rather than a management, and the monopolies we are familiar with are manipulated by the governing body, which will decide at its own discretion and then change prices, products and rules. Monopolies are often regulated to prevent Or at least reduce their abuse of power. “n
nnOther important arguments in the report include: In this case, Bitcoin itself “can not be regulated”.n
nThe author said, “Bitcoin can not be regulated. It follows the agreement as a system, and it is also determined by the user, regardless of the miners, and therefore does not need to be regulated.”n
nAlthough the document itself says that the opinion does not represent the official position of the Finnish bank, the document is undoubtedly worthy of attention, given the bank’s contact with the chain-chain technology so far.n
nLast year, the bank organized a seminar on block chains, which included regulators, local academics and companies to work hard to support local research – a move that was further boosted by the government. For example, the city of Corvor in Finland received € 2.4 million in funding to test shipments driven by block chains.n
nThe author of the report at the end of the article also proposed other scholars to conduct more in-depth study.n
n”The obvious function and practicality of Bitcoin should further encourage economists to study this great structure,” the authors write.n

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