The first bitcoin peer-reviewed academic journals Ledger

The first bitcoin peer-reviewed academic journals Ledger

Ledger, Journal of peer-reviewed academic journals devoted to the first encryption currency, has been launched today.

The University of Pittsburgh, MIT Media Lab cooperation, and part of CoinCenter funding, Ledger magazine will try to lead research in the field of encryption currency.

Ledger co editor Dr. PeterR.Rizun said in an interview that he wants to set up an efficient peer review mechanism for the bitcoin community, he said:

“I want to set up an academic and interdisciplinary communication channels, can let the mind those with ideas in economics, sociology, physics, law, political science, evolution of bitcoin, provide more contribution.”

At present, the main contribution of bitcoin is from the core developers.

“I believe that bitcoin will benefit from more diversified leadership,” he added.

Not only is bitcoin

RichardFordBurley Ledger, editor of the magazine, he shared the goal:

The goal of Ledger is to provide something encryption currency of the world lost: a peer-reviewed academic forum, let interdisciplinary personnel together, discussing new ideas and research.”

In addition, FordBurley also said that Ledger is not just about bitcoin, saying its editorial team related to encryption of currency, including the sharing of distributed books and encryption work proof system and distributed consensus, are very interested in.

It is reported that, Ledger scholars from University of Oxford, Stanford University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Duke University, the Group intends in the end of the first quarter of 2016, the library system of the University of Pittsburgh, published the first journal.

In addition, the Ledger of all of the published articles, the bitcoin block chain cover “time stamp”, and urged the author manuscript digital signature.

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