The first block chain is worthy of large investors, the Japanese financial giant SBI and some new moves.

In March 20th, according to the Nikkei reported that Japan’s financial industry giant SBI group established a subsidiary, responsible for handling the application block chain technology, personal remittance business, provide the letter SBI network bank in the personal remittance application “Money Tap”.

It is reported that Money Tap was originally run by SBI Ripple Asia joint venture subsidiary of SBI group and Ripple, but SBI has decided its legal person for early investment. First consider the SBI group to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, and then negotiate with the investment banks, at the end of this month to complete the integration. Through the legal person, SBI are more likely to get the funds needed to support Money Tap.

In fact, the investment report block according to the chain investment bank NKB group obtained from CB, Insights, SBI group has become the first major investor technical field of blockchain.

 The first block chain is worthy of large investors, the Japanese financial giant SBI and some new moves.

2018 years 4 months, SBI’s Russian Commercial Bank SBI Bank LLC joined the R3 block chain alliance, distributed to Corda books to promote R3 (DLT) platform, and to promote cross industry using the block chain technology. The same month, New York encryption currency trading platform Templum announced by the Japanese financial giant SBI group’s venture capital sector support, completed a $10 million financing.

2018 years 5 months, SBI has invested in Taiwan block chain startups OwlTing, and plans in the next ipo. After the SBI two time delay the launch of encryption currency trading platform, but also at this time that will be launched in the summer of 2018.

8 2018, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bianco technology SBI and Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd. Chinese, Ping An Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai science and technology financial one account through the establishment of a joint venture subsidiary. Proportion: SBI60%, Ping An Group 40%. SBI holdings by the joint venture, will promote a financial account through the series of technology services to Japan’s domestic financial institutions, but also hope that through cooperation with Ping An Group to make a contribution to Japanese companies to enter the financial market China.

SBI became the first company to launch direct banking institutions encryption currency exchange. The VCTRADE platform provides services for retail investors in japan. Previously, SBI and America blockchain startup Ripple has established the close cooperation, involved in several large encryption currency trading platform for financing, including Tokyo based bitFlyer and San Francisco based Kraken.

According to reports, SBI in the past few years continue to inject funds cryptocurrencies industry. After the investment exchange launched their own exchange 2016 year 2 month, the global bitcoin exchange SBI Kraken announced that it has invested millions of dollars. In April shortly after, SBI again led a large Japanese encryption Bitflyer currency exchange 3 billion yen (about $27 million) C round of financing.

In addition, SBI also voted in the social investment platform eToro 1 billion dollars in financing, eToro plans to launch an international currency exchange and encrypted mobile wallet in the United states. In September 2016, the blockchain company Gerbaud (Ripple) announced the completion of $55 million B round of financing, the lead cast including SBI.

In fact, the deployment of the Asian market from Gerbaud beginning in early 2016, the partner of choice is SBI, then the two sides reached a cooperation agreement, a joint venture of SBI Ripple Asia. As part of the cooperation agreement, Ripple and SBI will also discuss how the reboxetine currency (XRP) online securities on-line platform SBI.

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