The first exposure of the planet daily, the central trading platform; Tencent video App has an open screen ad for the block chain project

 The first exposure of the planet daily, the central trading platform; Tencent video App has an open screen ad for the block chain project


The first exposure of the use interface and basic functions of the CCP

Today, the Binance DEX, a community project launched by the coin security organization, is exposed in video to the central trading platform, which shows the interface and basic functions of Binance DEX, and BNB will be used as a fuel for Binance DEX (GAS).

Digital currency

The economic times of India: the decline in encrypted currency this year is an upside down last year

The India economic times note that the decline in encrypted currencies this year is an inverted image of the year’s rise, highlighting the volatility of the so-called asset and the voice of well-known critics. Earlier, Warren Buffett called the encrypted currency “mouse poison”, and doomsday Nouriel Roubini believed that the encrypted currency was only the “mother of fraud”.

New electricity prices for cipher operators in quill County, Washington, D.C. will be carried out in April 1st

After months of hearing, the PUD in Washington, Washington, was bound to put down new electricity prices for encrypted currency operators and is scheduled to take effect in April 1st. The new electricity bill is designed to remove miners and other encrypted currencies from residential areas and into a more relaxed commercial and industrial zone. Electricity in the basic residential area will increase to 10.5 cents in April, while electricity prices in commercial and industrial areas are only slightly higher than 6 cents.

Block chain industry

The talent plan of Ningbo Free Trade Zone focuses on eight new and emerging industries

In December 5th, the Zhejiang Ningbo free trade zone 2018-2019 talent plan was officially launched. The plan focuses on the eight new and emerging industries, such as intelligent manufacturing, the new generation of information technology (Digital Economy), aerospace, new foreign trade, intelligent logistics, Finance (block chain) technology, cultural creativity and human resources, and widely collect the high level talent (team) project at home and abroad in Ningbo free trade zone.

Tencent video App display block chain project open screen advertising

Tencent video App screen advertising is now a block chain project, it is reported that this is the mainstream Internet APP for the first time block chain project advertising.

Encrypted currency exchange ErisX won fidelity and Nasdaq venture capital investment

ErisX, the encrypt currency exchange, said it has raised $27 million 500 thousand from investors such as Fidelity Investments and Nasdaq Ventures. NASDAQ confirmed that it was involved in this round of financing, but refused to disclose the specific amount; fidelity did not respond immediately to the request for comment.

New York commercial bank Signature launches the ether Fang payment platform

New York commercial bank Signature has worked with the encrypted currency exchange True Digital Holdings to develop a new payment platform based on the ether Fang Signet for institutional customers. The platform will allow bank customers to pay at any time of the day. The bank said that all transactions would be safe, not to pay any transaction costs, and to avoid third parties. However, the customer’s minimum account balance is required to be $250 thousand. It was reported that the New York state financial services agency (DFS) has approved the bank to launch a digital payment platform.

Conflux fund raising $35 million to create a public chain network with Sequoia, Baidu and other investments

Recently, a team of scholars and researchers, including the Turing prize winner Yao Qizhi, registered a fund project named Conflux in Singapore. The project was supported by capitalists of Sequoia Capital, Baidu, F2Pool, and fire money, raising $35 million to support the NPO to create an extensible public chain.

Global policy

Co – director of SEC law enforcement agency: international cooperation is required to combat illegal ICO and law enforcement action is recommended when necessary

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) executive director, Steven Peikin, recently said in a speech at the international financial system project at the Harvard University, that the fight against illegal ICO requires international cooperation and, if necessary, to take law enforcement action. He said that since the ICO market has developed from the concept in just a few years, the amount of ICO financing has soared to more than $22 billion from 2106 to 2018. And ICO funds usually come from overseas investors in the United States, making regulatory oversight more complex.

U.S. congressmen plan to introduce federal encrypt money legislation

U. S. congressman Warren Davidson announced plans to introduce new legislation that clearly standardizing encrypted currency and ICO at the block chain solution conference. The bill will create a “asset class” for encrypted money and digital assets, which will prevent them from being classified as securities, but will also allow the federal government to manage ICO more effectively.

Swiss Finance Minister: instead of using a specific legal framework for encryption, adjustments are made on the basis of existing laws

Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer said Switzerland does not use specific block chains or encrypted legal frameworks, but plans to adjust existing laws to allow new technologies and their financial applications. The government hopes to make six changes in the law next year, including civil law and bankruptcy law.

Economic reference headers: regulatory upgrades make financial science and technology banks steady

The Xinhua News Agency’s head of the economic reference newspaper said many regulators were in the near future and released the signal to upgrade the financial science and technology supervision. With the rapid development of financial science and technology, the governing attitude of the major economies of the world is becoming more and more common: in China, strong supervision has become a subject word; in the EU, the information security problem in the field of financial science and technology is being paid more and more attention; in the United States, the supervision of the form of virtual currency is becoming more and more severe. Facing the risks and challenges of the development of financial science and technology, China can not feed on choking. Financial work, economic life, financial stability, economic stability. This requires a balance between China’s financial and technological innovation and financial security. In the future, the governance of China’s financial science and technology will continue to be upgraded and improved.

Japan’s national tax office: only collect information from an encrypted currency that returns more than $88 thousand to users

The Japanese government allows the NTA to ask the digital currency exchange to provide customer name, address, and 12 identity card information. Due to privacy issues, the Japanese national tax office collects information from more than $88 thousand and 700 (10 million yen) users from encrypted currency transactions. According to the current regulations, the digital currency exchange and third party intermediaries can voluntarily or refuse to provide customer information to the Japanese government. More than 300 people in 2017 have earned more than $88 thousand and 700 (10 million yen) from encrypted currency transactions, according to the latest survey data.

A character.

Martian financial sponsor Wang Feng: a blue fire studio will be set up to develop and distribute block chain games

Today, Wang Fengfa micro-blog, the chairman of the blue port interactive group and the sponsor of the Martian finance and economics, will set up a “blue fire studio” that specializes in developing and issuing block chain games.

Zhou Yanli, vice president of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission: large data and block chain driven bank account payment and settlement method is no longer far away

At the Beijing financial security forum in 2018, the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Zhou Yanli, said that the way of real time nuclear protection, simplified process, precision marketing and bank account payment and settlement driven by large data and block chain is no longer far away. This will greatly facilitate financial consumers, and the efficiency of financial services will be on a new stage.

BTG founder Liao Xiang: a new chain project that will push a branched bit of bitcoin

Liao Xiang, the founder of BTG, said it would be driving a new chain of bitcoin in the near future. The currency is in a different direction from the BCH community in the future, and is a competitive relationship with BCH. The team will fork over the bitcoin network in the future. The highlight of this chain is a larger transaction capacity, faster confirmation time, and lower handling fees.

Chen Yunfeng: STO in China may be seriously misunderstood and misused.

The Beijing Internet Financial Industry Association yesterday issued a “warning about the risk of implementing a crime in the name of STO”, prompting the risk of STO and called STO “suspected of illegal financial activities”. In this regard, Chen Yunfeng, a senior partner in the law firm and director of the Internet financial Specialized Committee, said today that because the domestic knowledge of STO was stopped only in “currency”, or just because ICO was stopped, the logical relationship of STO came into being, STO was considered as an alternative to ICO by some subjects, and STO might be seriously “misunderstood and misused”. Industry personnel should carefully consider the “currency” and financing models.

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