The first International Conference on bitcoin Russia will be held in St Petersburg

The first International Conference on bitcoin Russia will be held in St Petersburg

The Russian central bank had issued a statement that bitcoin is a substitute for cash and the legal tender of goods this statement has been questioned. But since then, Moscow Kremlin’s position seems to have relaxed, bank position for encryption currency seems to have changed, in March 3, 2014, they released a statement, said they released the regulatory measures do not really want to prohibit the development of encryption currency, but to protect users against money laundering risk. Now the first international conference in Russia will be held in St Petersburg, scheduled for August 9, 2014.

Russian encryption Monetary Fund (CCFR) with bitcoin foundation and etheric Fang actively, this seems to be an olive branch, they invited government officials, representatives of the bank, a leading media editor in chief, crypto currency researchers, bitcoin officials, bitcoin exchange members and their chief, were the exchange of ideas, now, from the online store to the sand mud brick traders, traders are slowly began to accept bitcoin.

The first International Conference on the theme of Russian bitcoin bitcoin and encryption currency in the development prospect of Russia, as well as related topics may be involved, including:

Use the category of encryption currency belongs to the regulatory authorities, credit institutions, payment system etc.;

Law, legal and regulatory and legal framework of russia;

Professional advice in commercial security;

Mining (comparative analysis including hardware and software)

Create a bitcoin Center (authoritative expert advice)

The first meeting of the founder of the etheric fang;

For the first time showing bitcoin in the former Soviet union;

The arrangements for the meeting: from 10 in the morning to start a series of roundtable to end at 7 p.m., the participants included a large group of researchers and enthusiasts of encryption currency; a special media and online business meetings, and finally the CCFR meeting is open to everyone.


Russia’s first bitcoin international meeting will be held at Ligovsky Prospect74 (ETAZHI loft area, “transparent space” office center and Education Club).

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